So lets talk THE BODY SHOP!!!

Now if you are an avid follower of this blog, you know that I LIVE for The Body Shop body care products, but these Lip Products are the first beauty/makeup products that I’ve purchased from the Body Shop. I decided to purchase the much heard and read about Matte Lip Liquids from the Body Shop and give them a try!

At R85 for one, I thought that seems to be a more reasonable price than many of the other Liquid Lip Creams on the market. So I purchased 4 and decided to try them out for a bit!


Sicily Iris


Goa Magnolia

Windsor Rose




  • The first thing I noticed about the Matte Lip Liquids is that they are QUITE pigmented! The colour transfer is great and quite sharp.


  • They are so reasonably priced. I liked this!


  • They glide on effortlessly, with a velvet like touch, I was really impressed by this!


  • It leaves a soft creamy and smooth yet matte feel on the lips, and isn’t drying- it was very easy to do these swatches without my lips feeling dry and chapped afterwards. Even after a full day, my lips were not left feeling like they needed some TLC.


  • The doe-foot applicator made application very easy, and for me this is the preferred applicator for me when it comes to Lip Liquids.


  • Love the fruity like scent! Can’t get enough of it!


  • They have a great colour selection which is friendly for all skin types.


I tried them on  with no lip liner, so as to get the true colour of the matte lip liquids. I was quite impressed. Even with that said, I do have some  cons about the products. 



  • Even though they are creamy and pigmented, you often have to apply twice or even three times to get the desired full colour on the lips, because one coat is not really enough. A little bit patchy at times.


  • They do take some time to dry down, and I’m assuming this could be because of the velvet like moussy texture, as compared to a liquid texture that might dry down faster.


  • They are not as “long wearing” as most of the liquid lipsticks that I own, and I find myself having to re- apply them throughout the day, and they transfer quite a bit too making them a little bit too messy for me.


Overall, I love these products, I think for the price tag, I’ll willing to let some things slide, however I wouldn’t reach for them if I wanted something long wearing and non transferring.

However, I think for an everyday product, you can get away with using this over a lipliner to try and make them last a little bit longer! I think if you are definitely on a budget, these are a great buy! 🙂



RATING: 3.5/5



Until the next one!


Live in Light and Love ❤