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So today I’m doing a body care review on some items from the Beauty Factory South Africa. Now, I have been buying products from The Beauty Factory (TBF) for almost two years now, and have never really given a review on them (fror the LIFE of me, I honestyle do not know why!). They have GREAT products, all originally sourced and produced in South Africa. Can anyone say Proudly South African??! YAAAASSSS! Started by Lesel Research in 2011, TBF focuses on great quality body care, and believes in the art of one pampering themselves. Men AND women! Sometimes you do need a break right? Just a moment, to soak in the tub, or take a good shower with scents of milk and honey, or just lather your body in products that feel good, and treat the skin so well. THIS SHOP, has what you need! No doubt!


Originals: Pure & Simple

Some of my favourite purchases from their line, that I ALWAYS go back for over and over again, is their Pure & Simple range. I am absolutely in love with the Hand & Nail Cream, and the Body Souffle body moisturizer, along with their Eau De Toilette. I have never come across a scent that smells so fresh and clean, somewhat like picturing yourself by the beach on a warm balmy day. For some reason it evokes those thoughts in me! It is a beautiful scent, if you find yourself at the store, definitely give it a whiff and you will DEFINITELY thank me later! πŸ™‚

The Hand & Nail cream and The Body Souffle have the same scent, but what I love about the Hand and nail cream is that it is thick, GREAT to use in the winter time, for dry hands. Thick, yet absorbs into the skin very quickly. I LOVE! πŸ™‚ The Body Souffle for me is great for the Summer Time. With a whipped consistency, it is light, does not feel heavy upon application, and leaves your skin hydrated, which is great Β for summer. I love it! Definitely give this range a try if you love subtle and fresh scents.



Tissue Oil & Milk & Honey Ranges


One of the items I recently purchased was the Tissue Oil from the Tissue Oil range, lol. The range has other products, but I opted for the Tissue Oil, because I wanted a change from the Bio Oil that I usually use. This product though!!! PACKED with essential oils such as Calendula Oil (which is GREAT for dry skin, perfect for the winter time), Lavender Oil (which is great for pain or tension relief and enhancing blood circulation), and Vitamin E Oil (which is great for treatment of wrinkles and supporting new cell growth), and MANY others!

This oil is perfect if you have problem areas such a stretch marks, cellulite (which we women STRUGGLE from!), helps relax your muscles after gym, training or even a long day…. It’s just such a great MUTLI PURPOSE oil, I highly advise that you get hold of this oil! I has helped me soooo much! πŸ™‚ Great to repair and protect.

Retail Price: R110.00

Quality: 5/5



This Β range is one of the newer ranges introduced by TBF, and WOWZA!!! Winning!!! That” s all I can say! The Beauty Factory is great a creating subtle scents that don’t overwhelm or overpower, subtle, sweet and fresh. The Milk and Honey range, is just that. Think about it though… Even the thought of Milk and Honey, already screams luxury and pamper! I purchased the Hydrating Shower Creme and The Body Butter. Wow, not only did the scent blow me away, it is soft, sweet yet subtle and relaxing. I love it! The Shower Creme, leaves your skin soft, fresh and smooth. Really lovely. And the texture, out of this world! The Body Butter I’m leaving for a bit, as I still have so many Body Butters to get through, and will report back on this one. However, the Shower Creme, is doing a great job at “selling”this range to me!

Must try!!

Shower Creme Retail Price: R49.90

Quality: 5/5

You can’t go wrong with products from The Beauty Factory. It has something for everyone, at extremely reasonable prices, in fact I think they are a STEAL for the luxury that you get!

Have you tried them? If so, let me know which ones!! πŸ™‚


Until the next one,

Live in Light & Love <3