Hello Hi!


It’s that time again! The beginning of a new week, a new day, new opportunities, new thoughts and new challenges. The other day, I was looking through my phone, and remember snapping a picture of this sign that I saw on one of my random visits to a craft shop, somewhere in JHB (yea, i do that, I LOVE craft and lifestyle stores, lol). For the life of me, I have NO idea, why I did not buy this sign, and hung it somewhere in my home, but going through it and reading every line, reflects my thoughts of family.



Family, for me, means a number of things. Yes, family are the people we are biologically, genetically connected to- this is the “politically correct term” for defining family right? LOL. However, family to me, also means the people, things, that make you feel most ”at home” around. Right? Consider. We take pets as family. If you grew up without the biological “family” but around your friends, foster parents, and so on, that’s family too right?’ If you grew up in  the mountains, and you move to the city when you are older, you still have a sense of FAMILIARITY with being in the mountains, it brings you a sense of “home”, a sense of comfort, family.


Funny how, when I read this sign in the store, the first thought that came to my mind, was how often we take advantage of family. How we forget to exercise and express gratitude and appreciation when it comes to the ones we love, and the ones that love us. Often, family are the people we most take for granted. We seem to “shove”them to the side, with the notion that “well, its family, its not like they’re going anywhere right?”


We often let our relationships with our families deteriorate, while we concentrate on what we deem is more “important”, ie, a new job, school, a busy social life, a new hobby, a new relationship. We also often tend to take out our frustrations at the world, on family. They are the easiest target right? So why not show them your wrath? No. The  list is endless of how we take the ones we love for granted, and of course juggling all of that is by far, often one of the hardest things to do.



We often forget that with family, even the SMALLEST gesture, conveys such a powerful and big message.


  • A call
  • A hug
  • A chat
  • Your time
  • Creating a memory
  • 1000 kisses
  • A smile


…are all it takes, to remind someone, how much they mean to you, and what an important place they hold in your life.


We forget. Granted. We are human.


For today’s Monday Motivation.

_Send a text

_Make a call

_Visit your family

_Smile at your mother or father, sister or brother

but devote your week, to strengthening the bond you share with your family. Whoever, “family” is to you.

Often we take them for granted, and you know how life works, don’t wait til it’s too late. <3


Until the next one,

Live in Light and Love <3