Hello Loves!

As with the new season, comes a new foundation in my foundation collection that I wanted to share with you all! Now, initially, I haven’t had the greatest start with this foundation, I must tell you! LOL, I got the WRONG colour initially, and I hated this foundation! It felt extremely drying- however I consider the first time I got this foundation, it was in the winter time, therefore my skin was already dry from the weather, and applying this foundation just honestly made it worse (I also think I wasn’t properly taking care of my skin at the time!) Long story short, I hated this foundation!! I gave the one I had to my sister, as I felt it was too light for me, and she ended up LOVING it! So I figured there must be something I’m doing wrong, this foundation  gets so many GREAT reviews and here I am hating the thing! 🙁

So i took a trip to the mall a while back, and thought, “my skin has been quite good to me recently, let me give Double Wear another shot! Fortunately I went to a consultant who was GREAT at assisting me and gave me the PERFECT SHADE!!! Firstly, I was STUNNED at how many shade ranges there are in this range of foundation, so believe me, anyone can find their perfect match!


Whatever positive reviews you have read on this foundation, I second them COMPLETELY!!! LOL! I received the shade 5W2 Rich Caramel, and I couldn’t have found a foundation that matches me more perfectly! Well, when it comes to this range anyway! Lets jump straight into it!


  • Full coverage foundation (like it literally covers EVERYTHING!) A little goes a long way with this foundation.
  • Sticks like GLUE to your face! You can literally pick at your face and run your face under water, and this foundation won’t move! I even noticed that even sweat does nothing to shake this baby! lol!
  • Many many shade ranges, so every skin colour is sure to find a matching shade.
  • STAYS ALL DAY! Does not move!
  • Great for photos! No flashback.
  • Matte foundation


  • It is quick to dry, so you must blend quickly!
  • You must have your skin WELL moisturised prior because it can be a bit drying
  • It doesn’t come with a pump, so you tend to waste more than you should.
  • Not easy to remove, you must do a double cleanse when wearing this baby.

Overall, I ended up loving this foundation. It looks good on the skin, and genuinely doesn’t budge, I couldn’t be more happier with the shade I received! Definitely worth a try. It retails for about R525 bucks, but is honestly SOOOO Worth it!



Along with the foundation, I bit the bullet and purchased the concealer as well. I got a lighter shade, because I always like to have the highlighted effect underneath my eyes. Therefore, I got my hands on the 4N medium deep concealer. Could not be more happier! It stays place, (as the name suggests!), and it does not get cakey or crack which can be a BIG problem if you put it just below your eyes. High coverage, and so creamy to apply, this was definitely also a winner with me! A little also goes a long way with this baby!

It retails for about R330.



This is me wearing the foundation and concealer.

If you love good foundation, I definitely suggest you get your hands on this baby!! <3

Top notch love from me!

Until the next review,

Live in Light and Love <3