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Welcome back to the second installment of Diaries of An Introvert.


{Side Note}

(Sliding in here to just mention, it was my birthday yesterday, and I want to do a blog post on my expectations of the new DECADE I’m about to embark on, what I’ve learnt from my 20’s, and what I look forward to in my 30’s. You’ll definitely want read that one! Ciao)


So to give you a little bit of context on the poetic piece that you are about to read, written by my good friend and brother, Tk, Diaries of An Introvert, really just started as a TWEET. Yup. A tweet.

I tweeted:

“Diaries of An Introvert” 

Tk, took that tweet (because clearly he felt inspired by it, my pleasure Tk, lol), and he made a beautiful poetic piece from it. Tk has a blog, where he puts all his written pieces of work, http://iammakhalela.blogspot.co.za/, where you can find him and read through some of his amazing stuff! So he took it, and upon reading it, I HAD to share it, because being the introvert that I am, I genuinely identified with this piece so much, it would be a crime not to share.

So here it is!

“Diaries of An Introvert”

By TK.


These words never go public,
This air never fills in my presence.
I could write on walls and not be ashamed.
The world becomes too much to bare sometimes.

The “Me time” is always salvation.
I never knew that these four walls could engulf me this much,
These floors could have so much power.
I’m not angry at the world,
My sanity is not distinguished by the next person.

“Me” is all that keeps me going.
I walk amongst all and even partake,
But it is on this paper that my ink defines me.
I run at a slow pace as to not give myself away.
The craving of my own space always feeds me.

My life could be a one page novel,
Noone could ever read it entirely.
I know there’s more words than the naked eye could see.
Right there when my own thoughts echo without distraction,
When my plans come to life,
I sit still in silence and let it all consume me.

This is “Me”,
This is my space,
My territory,
Where I could just be “Me” without any explanation to anyone.
Words always flow non stop because I am with “Me”.

I connect with myself on a level that cannot be described.
This is not a survival tactic,
When it comes to this place I never intentionally bar people.

This place redefines me.
The only place where “Me” can go against “Me”.
The thought of it all overwhelms me.
It feels like an addiction.

My heart knows at this point,
At this place,
Floating in my own space,
There is no boundaries.

Tears can flow without notice.
Body temperature can change against the forecast.
I am “Me” even when the world sees different.

Right here, I feel myself.
Right here, I love myself.
Right here, I am protected by these walls.
Right here, the floor is my cushion.
Right here, this air keeps me going.
Right here, these words are “Me”.


Thank you Tk.

Reading this piece, never gets old.

“Right here, these words are me”.

Until the last installment of Diaries of An Introvert,

Live in Light and Love <3