Hey guys!! ūüôā

So if you followed my previous blog (which is still up if you want to go have a browse, www.gentleorchid.com , SHAMELESS PLUG, lol), you will know that every now and again, I do blog posts where I’m just reflecting and “Taking Stock”of what has been going on in my head lately.


This post is no different, just merely a continuation from my previous taking stock post which can be found here. Other than that, lets get started!



Making: Plans for my trip in a few days!!! Aaaaah, just a little over a week to go! So excited!

Cooking:¬†up blog post ideas, for Just Katleho. Got SO much to talk about, its one of the best times, when you are a blogger and just OVERFLOWING with ideas! ūüôā

Drinking: Green Tea. I’m forever drinking this stuff. New drug maybe?¬†

Reading:¬†A collection of short stories by Ama Ata Aidoo, “The Girl Who Can”. So far, I’m loving! Discusses poignant issues that women have to face in today’s society through all the short stories in the book- poignant golden thread.

Wanting: Happiness. Stillness. 

Looking: through my birthday dinner pictures. I turned 30, and honestly, I’m soo happy for it. I feel change coming. <3¬†

Playing: Afro beats. My current addiction, Mr Eazi’s “Leg Over” !!! Yessssss!

Wasting:  money on irrelevant crap. This needs to change. *sigh*

Wishing:¬†To see my mom, I’m always wishing this!

Enjoying: Being myself again, for the past few months, I’ve been in a rough space, breakups tend to do that, (yes I’m single now, lol), but slowly reclaiming what I lost in myself.¬†

Waiting: For a gift that was promised to arrive in the next few days. 

Liking: The space I’m in right now. Emotionally, mentally- peace and contentment.

Wondering: If this happiness will ever fade, certainly hope not! 

Loving: New shoes I received from my sister for my birthday. I want to live in them, bathe in them, sleep in them. Is that ok?

Hoping: For happiness and forgiveness to reign over personal family issues. This is not ok, and its gone on long enough.  

Needing: Some alone time, just to regroup, recollect and recharge. Hence why this holiday has come at the PERFECT time! 

Smelling: My perfume. Something by the Armani Private Collection. Something with Amber, something something. Too lazy to go have a look at the name. LOL.

Wearing:¬†Charcoal sweater and some black sweat pants. (I live in sweat pants when I’m home).

Knowing: That this too shall pass. 

Thinking: About JK- beaming with ideas! I cant wait to fully get into the swing of things.

Feeling:¬†Humbled. Always. It’s amazing how life can flip at the drop of a hat. the strangest thing. Things can fall apart, just so that better things can fall together.

Opening: Myself up to a new me. For too long I was lost in the sense of trying to fix myself for someone else. Trying even in front of a closed door. (Ok, let me stop), LOL, you get the just.

Giggling:I wish I was! LOL! (Well now I am! LOL).


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Live in Light and Love <3