So if you don’t follow me on my social media, you wouldn’t know this, but a few weeks ago, I turned 30! yes, THIRTY. Don’t mistake my height and my face, I’m quite grown! Hahaha…


As with every year, when my birthday rolls around, I often take some time out to be thankful for another year, another chance, more moments. Nothing changed this year. I took some time to think about that fact that I’m FREAKIN 30!!! LOL!!!!


The funny thing is, I was looking forward to turning thirty. A new decade, a new chapter, and new beginnings. I wanted that. I often think of myself as an “old soul”, which is why I think I looked forward to this new time. ย Truthfully, and personally, for me, my twenties were nothing to write home about. Significant moments happened in my twenties, like my mother’s passing (being the biggest one of course), my post-grad graduation, buying my first car, first of a few overseas trips and and and…. Outside of that, I just don’t think, if given the opportunity, I’d want to re- live my twentites. I really wouldn’t. Maybe to someone who partied a lot, went out, made new friends, traveled the world, maybe I’d want to. When I think about it though…. I really don’t have anything that has made it so AMAZING that I’d want to re- live it all. More than anything, I am expecting my thirties to give me the true desires of what I really love, and want for my life.



I’m more grounded, stable, I know what I want and how I intend to get it. I know what I don’t want and what I won’t tolerate. I have a better and more clearer vision and understanding of myself, who I am, where I come from and where I am going. There is still a long journey and long road ahead of me, but I’m prepared for it. I WANT to get there. ๐Ÿ™‚



My twenties though, DEFINITELY taught me some SERIOUS lessons… and thats what I wanted to share in this post.




  • Your parents are NOT immortal. Your parents can leave, even much earlier than you expected them to. Cherish them, love them, spend time with them.
  • Your heart WILL be broken, MANY times.ย We tend to be naive and think we will be luckily and quickly in our twenties, we will find the love of our life, and settle down and marry. (You’re going to kiss a LOT of frogs first. A lot!)
  • Giving people and yourself some SPACE, is healthy.ย Space is necessary in order to re-group, re collect and think, which is so important to learn and grow. So sometimes you may need to be alone in order to think clearly.


  • You find yourself, your style, your likes, dislikes.ย Your twenties are to experiment, revel and enjoy looking good, but for me as my twenties drew to a close, I had discovered what my style was, what worked for me and what did not.
  • Prayer, is sooo good for the soul- it works.ย I learnt in my twenties that praying always calmed me, made me feel better, more at peace with myself and the world around me. I did not have to be in a church to pray. Everyday, I humble myself and speak to my God, from the comfort of my home.
  • Fake friendships will fall away, real ones will show themselves. In a nutshell, I started off my twenties with a LOT of friends! Now, I can count the real ones, ALL on ONE hand.


  • Forgiving yourself is KEY to moving forward.ย You need to learn to forgive yourself. We can’t always be so hard on ourselves. You are human after all. Forgive yourself.
  • Reach for your Goals. Strive for your Passions.ย Always work towards fulfilling your passions and reaching your goals, but DO NOT quit your day time job while you do.
  • Not everyone will like you, you cant please everyone.ย I was such a people pleaser back then, until i realised that people can be fake, pretentious, and not always want the best for you. Sometimes you just have to live your life, and not give a sh*t what people think. They are never satisfied anyway.
  • Plans, CHANGE.ย probably one of the most important ones. Our plans change. i thought I’d be in a different place by 30, but guess what, plans change- so I took a different route, changed my outlook, and took on the challenge. Life was never meant to be stagnant, you shouldn’t be either.


That’s it for the ten lessons I learnt, and frankly, I’m so glad I did!

Ready for the next chapter, ready for the next moments!!! ๐Ÿ™‚


Until the next one,

Live in Light and Love <3