Funny how, when I was thinking of this title, the only thing that rang in my head was the song by Lauryn Hill “‘I gotta find peace of mind”- You have to DEFINITELY listen to this jam here. Yes, the song may be geared to a man, but honestly this post is more geared to life, lol.


In this fast paced world, we are often stressed, strained and really just bombarded with STUFF, EVERY SINGLE DAY.ย Due to this, finding inner peace, lets be honest here, often LACKS. Big time! The thing is, the importance of finding it, is often the golden thread between living a happier life, or being utterly and unequivocally CONSUMED by it. Peace of mind is often one of the most difficult things to achieve. No matter how HAPPY you may be, settled in a marriage, relationship, with children, a good home, and financial stability, or with a booming career- if you do not have PEACE OF MIND, you’re as good as all the people who wonder aimlessly through their world.




The solution is often something that is buried, waaaay deep within you. It’s often HARD to achieve, and most of us, I’m sure have not really QUITE achieved it yet, but you can work on achieving it. It is not something attained only by the Buddhists in Thailand, or the Monks of Nepal, anyone can attain peace of mind- ONLY IF YOU ARE WILLING TO DO SO. Peace of Mind, is when it all disappears- the stress, the hustle and bustle, the emotional turmoil. Peace of mind, FOR ME, is acknowledging it, yes of course, how could you not, but NOT letting it consume you.


Peace of mind, involves introducing a lot of calmness, peace and quiet into your life. How you achieve that, is entirely up to you. In today’s day and age, peace of mind can be achieved many different ways. Why be limited to fasting, praying or meditation to achieving it? Some people are at their most calm, when rockin g out to rock music on full blast, or swimming, of taking a holiday, or writing. Peace of mind is achieved in many different ways.


…and work on it.


To get peace of mind, has nothing to do with changing how you live your life (like packing up your bags to go live in a monastery or Buddhism retreat at the foothills of the Himalayas, lol). Your life remains the same, you just need to work on finding that inner peace, by implementing it ย into your daily routine, every single day. For only a few minutes at a time. ๐Ÿ™‚


  • Read a book
  • Listen to Calming Music
  • Sit in Silence for a Few minutes- No phone, laptop, radio, TV, NOTHING.


Whatever you wish, but the point of this exercise is to detach, and remove yourself from the stresses of life, detach yourself from letting THEM have power over you and your thoughts. They must have their place, but your peace must still remain (unhampered, untouched, un-messed-with) lol.


Try it with me, let this week be our motivation. Just this week, try to focus some of your time, to working on your INNER PEACE… Let me know how it goes.

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Until the next one,


Live in Light and Love <3