It always seems the hardest doesn’t it?

The high road is the one we’d least want to take, especially when we know it was not our fault, when we got crossed, when you know you can get revenge, when you KNOW you can make “Sh*t shake”.



I found myself in a very difficult position over the last few months. I was angry, I felt that a huge injustice had been done to me, by someone I would gladly give an arm for. I was heartbroken, betrayed and felt like I wanted revenge. I mean, it is sweet isn’t it? I wanted to (for a moment), forget about my manners, ethics, morals. I wanted to f#*k sh*t up, for that person, and I did not care, who or what got in the way. I was about to show flames. I mean, why let it go? Why not get even? I REALLY wanted to.


One afternoon, while plotting my revenge tack, I went through my phone (social media most likely), and like clockwork, I read something that made me freeze.  I NEEDED to read it, I NEEDED to see it, and I knew from that moment on, what I was “planning”, is not me. It is not a reflection of who I am, it isn’t worth it… What do I gain to win from it, except only a brief moment of enjoyment, followed by days and days of extreme guilt? (knowing me).


Picture found on Pintrest.


Now. Hear me out here. I did NOT by any means, want to read whats on this image. Hell, if I could’ve quickly skipped it, it would’ve been better. I read it though, I read it. Twice. From there, my whole day was ruined, because the devil inside me fought the real me. One moment I’m saying “I’m going to do it anyway. I want this person to feel the hurt, the way I did”, and the next moment I’m saying “But why? This isn’t me. I don’t go around deliberately trying to hurt someone”. This quote potentially saved me from doing something I would’ve regretted for the rest of my life, all because I wanted someone to feel what I felt. No.


The best way sometimes, no, let’s correct that, all the time, is to walk away. Distance yourself from the situation. Would you rather risk not being able to look yourself in the face because of regret, and hating yourself, all for the sake of a fleeting moment of “joy”at soomeone else’s pain? I mean, is that who you really are? (I mean, if it really is, then hey ho, do you boo, but for the majority of us, it isn’t).


It’s not you. So why let your anger and your hurt, change you in that way.



Therefore, don’t ever let someone else have the power to change that. Take the high road. There’s always something, inside you, that stops you. Listen to that.

It’s often a lot harder, but MUCH more rewarding. <3


Until the next one,


Live in Light and Love <3