Hey Hey!

Now, this may be a little bit of a sting title for some, because at the end of the day, the good part of us, wants to believe that everyone is good, and you can rely on people, and that people can be trusted. Well, the naive part of us. This might be a ittle bit of a harsh statement to make first thing on a Monday morning, but the thing about that is, the truth is always served cold. There is NOTHING comforting about hearing the COLD HARD TRUTH.


It is often too much to bare, too much to handle. That is why, it’s THE TRUTH.

My father taught me one VERY valuable lesson. You can only depend on YOU, if you want anything done, if you want progress and growth. You cannot depend on other people. The truth of the matter here is that EVERYONE is looking out for their own interests, and looking to satisfy their needs/goals first, before EVER looking to satisfy yours.


Life was never meant to be easy, sweet. Life, is hard, often leaves a bitter taste in your mouth, it SUCKS! Life though, is beautiful, and wonderful, once you realise that you have to live it- FOR YOU! Live it for yourself, on your own terms.



For a long time, I lived my life, being a people pleaser. Wanting to constantly please people, do things for them, even though I didn’t want to. I lived in the shadows of others. Yes, I’m not an extrovert. I really am not. It’s hard for me to mingle in social circles, I have a tight nit few that I spend my time with- and even then, I still wanted to please them. I got tired.




You are so busy trying to please people, that in turn they end up walking all over you. They don’t see your efforts, they couldn’t be bothered. You know why? Because they are busy living THEIR life, while you’re busy trying to fit into theirs. No. Enough.

If someone genuinely wants to be around you, and in your space- treat you fairly, without making you ever feel like they are making you walk on eggshells, or forever making you feel bad, then they’ll probably stick around. You should NEVER have to feel crappy at the expense of someone else. That is why for this week, I want you to take your life into your own hands and appreciate it.




“People are going to judge you, whether you do what you want, or what they want. Live for yourself”


It’s time you weed out the bad ones, and you focus on yourself. You will never make everyone happy. So stop trying so hard. Try harder to make YOU happy. Ok?


That’s your task this week, work on yourself. Please. I’m with you on this journey.


Until the next one,


Live in Light and Love <3