Hey everyone! 🙂

This title is one that a lot of people struggle with.

“Learning to Wait…”

Not all of us are going to be extremely patient, and understanding of the timing of life, the timing of God. It’s hard to learn to exercise the art of patience and waiting, especially in the society we live in today. We always want answers, we want to understand a situation without giving ourselves the proper time to actually do so.


  • We get upset because of the traffic (this is me, so much, but I’m stuck in it everyday)
  • We get upset that, that pay increase at work is not coming fast enough.
  • We get upset that our degree’s at school are not coming quick enough.
  • We get upset that the driver in front of you does not move fast enough once the robot light changes to green.
  • We get upset with our parents, without trying to understand and comprehend where they are coming from.


We forget to exercise, patience. Learning to wait. 


“Wait, wait on the Lord”


A very powerful phrase that we seem to always forget to remember. Everything happens in God’s time. If it’s just not time for that new car, raise, a child, marriage, new job, finishing your schooling, then it’s not GOD’s time.


God’s time, is the only TIME that matters here. 


Learn to wait.

I’m working on bettering the relationship I have with God, because for the longest time, I strayed, was upset, and struggled to talk to him. I refused to WAIT. To exercise PATIENCE. God does things on His time, and if that upsets you, you will never be pleased with anything that takes time to reach you. 


You need to open yourself up to understanding how powerful it is to wait and be strong while you do so. No matter how much you may want something, or want to get rid of something, when it isnt time, it just is not time.


This week, remember to exercise a little bit more patience, wait on all your hearts desires. They may be yours, however they may not be God’s. Learn to wait as there is something bigger and better on the way. <3 I know it’s hard, however it is not impossible. God is working on you, while you wait.


All the best.


Until the next one,

Live in Light and Love <3