Hey Everyone!!!


So about three months ago, I started HUNTING for an eye cream! The Eye cream that I loved and used all up was the Clinique All About Eyes”cream, and so that was done with, and the ones I had left in my skincare drawer were (embarrassed to say), OLD and WAY past the “use by” date. I knew then, that it was time to get my hands on a new eye cream. This was a MUST.


Of course when we look for eye creams, we look for ones that will fit and attend to our specific needs, right? I’m no different, my eye concerns are serious ones because I am older (I mean, I ain’t no spring chicken mmkay? lol), but I’ve always had an issue with the skin around my eyes being darker than on the rest  of my face, and small wrinkles are starting to form too. So key concern areas are

  • Wrinkles
  • Hyper pigmentation (dark circles)
  • Sensitive Skin around the Eye area. 


How i look without makeup on. A lot different! LOL



The next step was finding a good, sensitive eye cream, that would hopefully- WORK. I have always known Avene to be super sensitive on the skin, in terms of all their products, so, I googled, and researched to see if Avene had something for the eyes that could work for me. That is when I came across this product, and man am I glad i did!!! YES!!!



This range of products (the Physiolift range), is designed to assist in regenerating ageing skin, hydrating and reducing puffiness and dark circles. For roughly about a month now, I can safely give a detailed review to say what this product is, and how well it has worked for me.


The Physiolift Eyes is a rich, creamy and balmy product, with a thick consistency (take this into consideration if you do not like products that are too thick around your eye area, because then this product may not be for you). It has an off white colour, looks kind of odd to me, lol, but nothing too eye sore. Richly present in the cream is dimethicone (in other words, silicone), which is great to protect and heal skin. This is great for the eye area which is super sensitive already. Also present is sodium hyluronate. This is the salt of hyluronic acid, which is often smaller in molecules, making penetration into the skin better and more efficient.


  • Re-hydrates the skin around the eyes
  • Lifts eye area and reduces puffiness
  • Dramatically reduces dark circles and marks around the eyes. 
  • Eyes look visibly lighter and hydrated. 
  • Comes with a pump (more hygenic, and controlled usage).




  • Does have chemicals (this may not be preferrential to people who want to use strictly organic physical products). 
  • Thick Consistency.



Personally, I think that the retail price is reasonable for a GREAT eye cream, because they normally range around this price area.


TIP: If you are looking for a GREAT skincare brand, which is considerate to sensitive skin, at reasonable (middle range) prices, DEFINITELY look into Avene. I have been a fan for years!


Have you used some products from Avene? If so, do tell me what some of your faves are! 🙂


Until the next one,

Live in Light and Love <3