It happens to be that time again! 🙂

Hello Beauty Lovers! 🙂 So this is the second installment of some of my fave makeup products from ONE particular brand, and this week we are looking at NYX COSMETICS! 🙂



A little more on the pricier side, as compared to the first OBB brand I reviewed two weeks ago, LA Girl (here), NYX Cosmetics is also a drugstore/pharmacy brand that you can easily find at any Clicks store, or World of NYX store. The products you see are some my favourites from NYX that I repurchase time and time again, and feel you should give them a try too! 🙂




  1. NYX Blush in “Copper” – R80

Absolutely love this blush! I think it is the perfect shade of copper and often, I like to use it as a light highlighter as well, it really warms up the face and makes you look beautiful! <3 You definitely need to try this one out, just swatch it and see!


2. NYX MicroBrow Pencil- R149

This is one of the pencils that has become a true opponent to my MAC Spiked brow pencil, and the lovely thing about this one is that it is cheaper, and I really love how small it is, makes drawing on “hairs” when filling up your brows a DREAM. Honestly one of the best pencils on the drugstore market right now. For me. Try it!


3. NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss in Clear- R110

Not much to say about this except that if you are a lip gloss lover, you HAVE to try this one out! It’s a soft/non sticky gloss that just really works great if you want a top up over lipstick, or just even glossier lips!


   4. NYX Matte Bronzer- R154

This is also another clear contender for my heart when I compare it to my love for the Bobbi Brown bronzing powder in DEEP. It is amazing, and softer and lighter in colour compared to the BB one. This one I use on a daily basis when I just want to warm up my face a little, and not look too flat from just foundation.


5. NYX Ultimate Basics Warm Neutrals Palette- R369

This is a great palette if you are looking for a regular warm eye palette you can use everyday, especially if you are new to makeup. I love this palette! With a nice mix between shimmers and mattes, you can’t go wrong with this one! 🙂



Those are some of my faves from the NYX BRAND, there are many others, but for now these are the ones I’ll share. Which ones are your faves? Let me know!


Until the next one