Hey hey hello Hi!!! 🙂

I know I skipped last week’s motivational Monday slot and this was because I was slightly overwhelmed with exactly WHAT to write about for the Monday slot. I know so many of you who follow this blog religiously (and THANK YOU FOR DOING SO!), LOVE the MM posts, so I never want to just “come up”with something. I want to write a MM post that means something to me, for it, in turn, to mean something to YOU. It has to come from a special place, a moment that I am going through, before I even write it. That is why I left out last weeks Monday slot, as I wasn’t feeling inspired.


I’m back now though! Throughout the WHOLE week while MM was away, I said and did some things, that made me realize the IMPORTANCE of living in the moment, and ENJOYING that time as well. Far too often we get so intrinsically STUCK in all the hustle and bustle, stresses of the world, that we forget to savour and take in the SMALL moments. This is what this blog post is about, remember to get that part of you back….



So much happens in a small space of time, that we forget to enjoy the little things. You might be wondering why a glass of wine, is the first picture you see at the beginning of this blog post, LOL! This is because i thoroughly enjoy having a good glass of wine, and for a long time, I drank wine to enjoy the feeling that it gives me, and not really appreciate how it tastes.


Do you get what I’m trying to say here? Taking in all the small moments means things like


  • Listening to the birds, first thing in the morning when you open your eyes.
  • Taking in the feelings when a toddler grabs your face and pulls you in for a kiss, lol. 
  • Sitting by the fire, taking in the heat, and remembering how it makes your body feel.
  • Eating a GREAT piece of steak, done just right, with the flavours and seasoning. 
  • Spending time with the ones you love, and ACTUALLY really enjoying EVERY moment.
  • Speaking your mind, and meaning what you say (this only applies to softer moments of the heart ok? Not mean and foul things lol).
  • Valuing a hug- from anyone.
  • Treasuring moments and words from the elderly. Grandparents. 
  • Eating GOOD FOOD.




The thing is, we forget. We forget to take in the small things.


Elanor Roosevelt once said:

“The purpose of life, is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly without fear, for a newer and richer experience”.


The point here, is do not just EXIST- LIVE YOUR LIFE. Take in the horrifying moments, as well as the ultimately AWESOME ones. They all come and all go, but memories are made from the moments you savor.

We are here, but we are not here to just mundanely “GET TROUGH LIFE”. We are here to enjoy the journey.


This week, I want you to ENJOY your journey. Live it, and love it.

SHARE WITH ME: what small moment have you taken in and enjoyed recently? For me, I took in watching my little sister sleep a few days ago. How calm she was made me calm, warmed my heart to see her so peaceful. Reminded me how blessed I am to have her, my siblings, my family.

Let me know!


Until the next one,

Live in Light and Love,