Hello Everyone!!!


You guys know that every now and again, I will re-centre, re collect and think about what has been happening in my life lately, what I need to change, what I’ve been thinking of, etc, and you KNOW, that it is time for another TAKING STOCK! 🙂

Lets get into it!




Making: Exciting plans for new content for the blog! I am doing some blog work as I type this.

Cooking: a lot of healthy meals lately…. In fact, its actually made me enjoy cooking, playing with my food, enjoying new recipe ideas! <3

Drinking: Green Tea. Nothing new, ALWAYS drinking it. LOL.

Reading: The Power by Naomi Alderman. Just started, quite gripping. Recently finished Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur and OMG!!!! Just do me a favour and GET THAT book! 🙂 You will thank me later.

Wanting: Peace of Mind. My thoughts are all over the place lately. 

Looking: through my diary of blog posts plans and schedules. Feeling a little uneasy because my blogging schedule has been off for some time now :(, I feel like I’m lagging behind. I usually upload around 3-4 blog posts a week. It’s now gone down to 2. I’m not happy. Thats about to change. 

Playing: H.E.R Vol 2. Just look for it. Take a listen, you will thank me later. LOL. Her voice calms me so much. Fave track is “I Wont”.

Wasting:  time hoping for something to happen. Changing this mentality. The thought of waiting- on anything, on anyone drives me crazy lately. If I want something, I do it, get it done myself.

Wishing: For a conversation with my mother. This is a norm for me

Enjoying: The time I get to be alone, and sit in my thoughts. I find great ideas come from my quiet moments. 

Waiting: For work to just “slow down”a little bit. For the past month is been busy busy, everyday, every week. I just need a quiet week at work, just this once! 🙁

Liking: The new book I’m reading. Yup. 

Wondering: What God’s plan for me is. Still struggling to listen to Him in this department. I feel like He’s making me wait, and waiting, right now, is not my strong suit. I’m trying to be patient.

Loving: The new bonds, friendships I’ve made recently. I’m in a good place with the people around me. The less people, the quieter but full or love and genuine moments, my space is. Oh, also the new Clinique moisture Surge Thirst Relief Spray I use everyday! Goodness, my skin LOVES ME for it!

Hoping: For happiness, peace and forgiveness. For things I just cannot speak of on here. 

Needing: A massage. A got diagnosed with a medical condition about a month ago, and one of its issues is the horrendous back pains it gives me from time to time. Its to do with my bones and cartilage… It’s a lot. 🙁

Smelling: My perfume. As always. Today, its Tom Ford Velvet Orchid.

Wearing: Black sweater. Black Sweat pants. I’m home. Can you tell I love black? LOL.

Knowing: Nothing lasts forever. The hurt, the pain, the stress the strain…. It will pass. 

Thinking: About JK, I’m always thinking about new ideas for JK.

Feeling: Optimistic. About work, life, love… I’m in a place where I want to only bring positive vibes into my space, and since doing that, I’m a happier person. I complain less and less, and smile a lot more.

Opening: New doors. Uncharted waters. 🙂

Giggling: Nope. Got a full on straight face right now. 



I hope you enjoyed this installment of Taking Stock!


I’ll see you in the next one!


Until the next one,


Live in Light and Love <3