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Time for another beauty review! As always! 🙂

This time we will be reviewing a higher end brand, and a foundation! Now who doesn’t love foundation?! We all love to have different foundations to pick from, and personally I think its always great to have a mix of lower end foundations with higher end ones in your makeup stash, because personally for me, I do not compromise with foundation. I can have lower end anything when it comes to makeup (concealer, eye shadow, lipstick products), however, with foundation I tend to lean more to higher end foundations. They’ve honestly proven to me, over the years to be more reliable in terms of (not cracking, sweating through your foundation, transferring, etc).



This time around, we will be reviewing the URBAN DECAY ALL NIGHTER FOUNDATION which I purchased almost 3 months ago. Due to the time period of when I purchased it and how many times I’ve worn it, I felt that it is a good time to do a good and detailed review on the foundation!

This foundation has great things about it, but also things that make me raise my eyebrow a little bit, and frown. Again as with any foundation I find out about, I heard about this one on YT. All the big bloggers and Youtubers were using this foundation, and frankly the packaging made me fall in love with it, and made me want it!!!! THE PACKAGING THOUGH!!! ARRRGGHHHH!!! 🙂 <3 I also knew that the price of the foundation would not be friendly on my pocket, but justified it with the fact that I have many foundations that I switch between when wearing makeup, that it will probably last me a long time! 🙂

PRICE: R490. 

Not so friendly, lol, I know.

I went in the the Foshini store where I purchased it, and got my shade which was 8.75 and I’m SO glad I went in and actually TRIED it out, because this foundation OXIDIZES. This essentially means that the foundation gets DARKER than what you see in the package, once you’ve applied it to your face. 🙁 This was a frown for me, I’m not really a fan of foundations that oxidize. Makes it more of a chore for me to go into the store and actually SWATCH and wait for a few minutes to see if it matches. With around 24 shades, I think that is pretty good in terms of shade range, so I was pleased with this! FULL COVERAGE AND MATTE! You can’t go wrong especially if you were planning on having a LONG night! This foundation stays PUT! Non transferrable and doesn’t slip or slide.




  • PACKAGING- It’s sleek, fancy, and draws a lot of attention to the eye. Very glamourous, but durable too, has a firm grip when holding. It is shiny though, which means finger prints happening are a REAL thing! LOL! However, that does not really bother me. I just wipe it down after every use.


  • FULL COVERAGE!– Now who doesn’t like a foundation that covers up all the hyper pgimentation, dark spots and circles? This COVERS IT ALL UP!


  • 24 SHADES TO CHOOSE FROM– This is a good step! The more the shade range, the more accommodating it is to people of different skin tones! PLUS!


  • MATTE AND OIL FREE!- This is great! Works for all skin types, and who doesn’t like a matte finish? Especially when going out at night? HUH??? This is a winner! A little goes a long way with this foundation!


  • NON TRANSFERABLE– Literally DOES NOT BUDGE!!! Reminds me of another love of mine foundation I reviewed a while ago! *wink*, this one stays, ALL DAY/ ALL NIGHT!!! You wont have to worry about staining your clothes, or others.


  • ONE PUMP SUFFICIENT FOR FULL FACE– This is WONDERFUL because that is genuinely all you need unless you want to be a little be EXTRA like me! LOL The fact that it even comes in a pump makes is a whole lot more hygienic to work with, and helps you save a lot of product!



  • OXIDIZES- So you cant just pick up a shade in the store and leave, you have to try it out, as it does get darker after a few minutes.


  • PRICE– Not entirely a friendly price on all pockets (but honestly SO WORTH IT).


  • TENDS TO BE DRYING– If you don’t THOROUGHLY moisturize your face before applying this foundation you’re pretty much going to be very uncomfortable throughout the day/night, can be drying.



QUALITY: 4/5       PRICE: 3/5










That is my review of the UD All Nighter Foundation! I genuinely really like it aside from the few cons I mentioned, but its DEFINITELY a foundation I would purchase again, irrespective the price! See it as an investment, for your face! LOL, you will love it! If you are shopping for a new foundation, DEFINITELY give this one a try! <3





The pictures above are of me wearing the foundation <3

Have you used it before? What is your favourite product from Urban Decay? Let me know!


What would you like me to review next? Let me know! Until the next review

Live in Light and Love <3