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If you follow the Beauty Corner SA youtube channel run by my beautiful sister and I then you will know how much Ive been RAVING about this awesome eye shadow palette! Welcome to the world of the




When buying this palette, I had to make sure that I was ready to part with a lot of money for this baby, because I wasn’t (nor will I ever really will be) ready for all the coin I had to dish out for this baby! 🙁 I wasn’t ready, but after having used it a few times, I can safely tell you now that it was ALL WORTH IT!!! This amazing product can be found on the MUSE BEAUTY online beauty store if you are in South Africa looking to buy it and get quick delivery. If not, you can definitely grab it online on any of the big beauty online stores!




This baby retails for a WHOPPING R900 bucks! I‘m not kidding. Take it in for a moment, and then if you still feel comfortable reading this review, then lets get into it! LOL!


Now if you are a makeup lover, and you love to try out different eye shadows, then this is a MUST for you! Even if you are a newbie to eye shadow, I would definitely recommend this palette because it is SOOO universal, you can use one palette, for ALL sorts of different types of makeup looks. So you don’t have to buy another palette for eons to come! With this one, you must definitely let QUALITY be the reason you purchase it! Way over quantity!


With eight matte colours on the top row, and eight shimmers on the bottom, you can go with anything from a cool eye look, to a warm golden glow, or even a sultry smokey! This palette LEGIT DOES IT ALL!!! So worth it! The pigmentation on this is INSANE!!! Probably one of the best pigmented shadows that I have ever come across! <3 Now if you are an neye shadow fundi, you will know that high pigmentation often means you might get a lot of fall out and blending might be an issue as well. Yup, there is a lot of fall out with this baby but BLENDING is A BREEZE!!!! Therefore, fall out is a VERY small price to pay for this baby!

TIP: Just make sure that you do your eye shadow first before applying the rest of your makeup to avoid messing up your face!!! LOL!



  • Highly pigmented
  • Blending is a BREEZE
  • Universal colours for all skin types/tones
  • Slim palette ( great for travelling).



  • Price (expensive)
  • Matte cover (tends to get dirty from fingerprints)




PRICE: 1/5 (too expensive)


An expensive palette, but WELL WORTH IT!!!

What is your dream palette? Let me know!!!


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Live in Light and Love <3