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It’s another review! This time we are looking at SKINCARE!!! 🙂 Right now I want to tell you how much LIFE this new cleanser I’m using has given me! Lets talk about the…





I genuinely don’t even know WHERE to start! First and foremost, the one thing that I want to mention is that this amazing cleanser is an African Brand, making it local for me. Between Zambia and South Africa, Be Uzuri has safely cemented itself in my top 5 list of great makeup/facial cleansers! Not only is this brand African, making it local, but it is ORGANIC too! No chemicals, parabens, NOTHING! That ensures all that you are putting on your face regarding this product is GOOD TO USE!!! 🙂 How does one NOT love that?!



I’ve been using it for close to a month now, and I must tell you, the first time I used it, I chose to go bold and do it live on my Instagram (follow my Instagram to see more INSTALIVE videos and some of my favourite things at the moment HERE). That is very dangerous to do because what if it does not work, what if it disappoints you, at that time you have people WATCHING you as you use it! It’s crazy!

This cleanser though, completely SHUT me up! Hand crafted and hand made in South Africa, Be Uzuri is a chemical free organic cleanser with hemp oil, castor oil, herbal oils and plant extracts. That’s it! No funny terms and things that you cant understand! This product literally shocked me! I love the herbal scent, maybe because I drink herbal teas, cook with herbs, so for me it smells really clean and good <3 The yellow colour of the colour does not really bother me either, I think it is wonderful to look at in fact. It applies on to the skin so smoothly and removes all traces of dirt on your face during the day, and even removes a HEAVY face of makeup like a BREEZE! Had you watched the INSTASTORY I made on this product, you would know this! <3


  • Hemp Oil
  • Castor Oil
  • Plant Extracts
  • Honey
  • Herbal extracts


It also has bits and pieces of the ingredients (plant extracts) used inside the cleanser. Each container of the cleanser retails for R180 for a 125ml container of product! A GREAT price if you ask me! :)It also comes with a face cloth! Which other cleanser have you bought recently, was packaged with a face cloth too? So my response to seeing this was “WINNING”!!


I love this product! Honestly all the times I have used it, it HASN’T disappointed me! So, #SupportLocal and give Be Uzuri & Co a try! You will not regret it!!


PRICE RATING: 5/5 (great price!! love!)


So worth a try! Serious!

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Live in Light and Love <3