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So I’m very excited to make a review on on this lipstick brand, not only because I love lipsticks, but mostly because this is a PROUDLY South African cosmetics range, created by a lovely Lady, Refiloe.A while ago, she sent me two of the lipsticks from her line, and I honestly must say, these babies suprised me. A lot!!! In a very good way!


Before I get into the Review, I also did Interview Refiloe, to find out more about the Eminence brand I will be including that interview just after the review!



Refiloe kindly contacted me, and offered to send me two of her lipsticks. I loved that she asked me what types of colours I’m into in terms of lipsticks, instead of sending me anything and everything. Not at all did she ask me to review them on the channel, or even do a blog post. She just wanted me to try them and let her know what I think! I loved them so much a had to share!!


Retailing for R220 each, I really think its a great price to pay for a GREAT LONG LASTING Lipstick!

I was gifted with the colours “Queenie” (deep wine red colour) and “Role Model” (Pinky nude).


  • Both matte shades
  • Smell like sweets! 🙂 From the Vanilla Extracts (who doesn’t love lipsticks that smell so good you could eat them? lol)
  • Contain Vitamin E which is great for keeping lips hydrated
  • Matte but NOT drying (Easily applied, not drying at all).
  • The packaging is sleek, and elegant.  (Black and white packaging, very common to lipstick brands, the prefferable colour scheme).
  • Long lasting! (Even when eating, yes it does fade, but ever so slightly, not constant re application)
  • Does not fade out patchy or settle into the cracks of the lips! 🙂 I love this!


Honestly with the colours I have used, I sincerely have nothing negative to say about these lipsticks! They are rich, smell great, look soo impressive, and GET THE JOB DONE, with a great price! The best part, they are a SOUTH AFRICAN brand!!! #SupportLocal

Let us support local and if you are looking to buy yourself some lipsticks definitely contact Refiloe on:

  • Cell: 061 775 4734
  • rnogxina@gmail.com
  • Also follow Eminence Cosmetics on Instagram!




PRICE: 4/5! 





  1. What was the motivation behind Eminence Cosmetics? What made you get into such a venture?

I have always had an innate interest for the beauty industry. Somatology was one thing I wanted to study, I recognized it was something I wanted to do as a career, but never pursued it. I decided to follow my love for beauty & makeup in 2015 when I enrolled for part-time makeup classes at Face to Face beauty academy in Johannesburg, this gave me an overwhelming amount of delight like I have never imagined. I knew this was my passion & I had to be fully engaged in it. My makeup collection grows tremendously from month to month, especially lipstick. Women of all ages consult with me for beauty & makeup advice, some request me to recommend the best lipsticks or foundations for their skin colour, I became recognized as “the beauty expert!” I then thought to myself perhaps I should start charging a fee for all the advice, or even better, have a quality brand of my own to recommend.

Owning a brand was merely a dream, but the enthusiasm I felt every time I thought of it caused me to embark on a pursuit to research and acquire more information about the cosmetics Industry. I went on a pursuit to find an expert manufacturer that can produce world-class quality products at an inexpensive rate. I wanted an affordable quality makeup brand to call my own, a brand intended for the average grown woman; working class, business & family women who want to look good, significant; professional & classy while maintaining a balanced lifestyle. I chose the name Eminence as a signal to amplify the type of woman I am about and that is quality; class & distinction.

2. What would you say makes the Eminence Lipsticks different?

Eminence specializes is a high quality matte lipstick that is designed to provide high colour pigment and a lasting matte finish. The lipsticks are packed with antioxidant vitamin E to prevent over drying lips, thus you get matte lipstick that moisturizes. . Products also contain a delicious smell derived from natural vanilla extract.

3. It could’ve been anything else. Why lipsticks in particular?

I chose lipstick (ps: as a start) because, I’m a “lipstick junkie”. Lipstick is the one makeup item bought regularly and use daily, even without makeup, it makes the face look good. The more options, the better, I know a lot of women can attest to that. I will be venturing other cosmetics products in the near future, but lipstick is my first love.

4. What is YOUR personal favourite in your range?

Ruby Ruby is my personal favorite. That red makes me feel like I can conquer the world. It’s so sexy; yet powerful! It just makes me feel good!

5. Any words of encouragement for young women wanting to start something new (business ventures), for themselves, by themselves?

I always preach the same thing; never pursue any kind of business that you are not passionate about. Figure out what you really love, your passion will always lead you to your purpose. We all have different gifts; you excel in your passion because it is executed with energy that is fueled with excitement.  In short; passion leads to success.

6. What should we expect from Eminence Cosmetics in the future?

A beautiful range of cosmetics products; lipsticks; matte velvet lipstick; eyeshadow and a whole lot more. The possibilities are endless!


Thank you so much Refiloe! Wishing you all the best success for Eminence! If you are a lipstick Junkie, definitely try these out! <3


Until the next review,

Live in Light and Love <3