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Welcome back to the second installment of Let’s EDUCATE!! This series is aimed to teach ourselves more about certain makeup products, so as to help us make more informed decisions when we go out and SHOP til we drop! LOL! 🙂 This time around we will be discussing the make up SETTING SPRAY!! 




Now, as much as I cannot see myself NOT using a makeup setting spray NOW, there was a time THEN when I didnt even own it, but wore makeup, EVERYDAY. Looking back at it, I’m just shocked at how ever did I survive? LOL!! I was probably a “cakey” mess EVERY SINGLE DAY! LOL! I believe that setting sprays are the one of the best inventions in makeup! LOL, no joke! Setting sprays, are LIFE. Period.




Setting sprays are essentially formulated to be the last part of your normal everyday makeup routine. They are there to essentially SET THINGS IN PLACE, hence “SETTING”spray. So think about it like a top coat when you apply nail polish. The last step! It is great for keeping your makeup in place, and not melting off your face. Also great to revive old “tired” looking makeup face throughout the day. Normally it is a clear transparent spray that does not change how your makeup will look once you applie it, or change the texture of your skin. It just SETS stuff in place, ok? LOL.


  • WHY GET IT??

Get it because it is great for setting makeup in place and making you look flawless and radiant throughout the day. Also great because they are hydrating and help keep your skin hydrated throughout the day! You don’t look cakey, instead you makeup sets and looks seamless on your face! They WORK.



For the most part, makeup setting sprays can be used by anyone who wears makeup, and for people with all types of skin. Dry, Normal, Oily, Combination. Anyone can use a makeup setting spray. The only thing I’d advise you to look at are the contents of the setting spray, because often if the setting spray contains alcohol, it could be extra drying for those who have dry skin types!





  • Bobbi Brown Face Mist R385

This is one of my FAVOURITE setting sprays from BB. With the cooling touches of cucumber and chamomile, this setting spray is not only great for setting makeup, but fantastic to even use on a makeup free face, if it is irritated. The mist is very fine and goes all over the face, spraying equally throughout. It is not concentrated to one place when applying. Very soothing, refreshing, giving an extremely healthy glow. Personally I prefer it when I don’t have makeup on. It works either way.


  • Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water R470

Silicone free and alcohol free, this primer water is GREAT for people with dry skin!! Your face will soak all of the goodness of this water up! Same purpose, it is used to set makeup, hydrate your face throughout the day, looking radiant and dewy. This is also great for applying BEFORE makeup application! I know a lot of people who RAVE about this one! 🙂


  • Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray R450

If you are looking for a setting spray to keep your face MATTE, I tell you, this is the one for you!!! The Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray is my go to setting spray for when I’m going out in the evening and I want my makeup to STAY PUT and NOT BUDGE!!! 


  • MAC Fix+ Setting Spray R320

This is my HOLY GRAIL!!! I have been through probably over 15 of these since my makeup life began! 🙂 Very lightweight, refreshing face mist, which leaves your face looking flawless, radiant and slightly dewy! It is a great mist which I use EVERY SINGLE DAY! Absorbing very quickly into the skin, the fix plus is great in setting your makeup in place, taking away the cakey look! It contains glycerin, hence why it sticks to the makeup! I use it not only to set makeup, but to also intensify my eyeshadow looks by spraying it on the brush which has the eye shadow colour before applying! 🙂



It is up to you! I hope this was helpful! <3 Do you use any makeup setting sprays? If so, which ones are your faves? Lets talk! Let me know! <3


Until the next one,

Live in Light and Love <3