Hey Loves!!


I had to do this post! I get asked so many times on youtube videos, in Instagram messages, of the colour on my lips, and what I’m wearing on my lips! All the time! If I put up a selfie on the Instagram timeline, someone will message me and ask what colour I have on my lips! Lately, all I wear on my lips (If I’m wearing any lip product), are liquid lipsticks.



Never did I EVER, think that I would love Liquid Lipsticks the way that I do now! I even feel so horrible to be saying this, because every time I’m looking at my lipsticks and I look at my lipstick stash, I feel a horrible pain surge through me, a sore heart, for how I’ve neglected my lipsticks and started using Liquid Lipsticks! 🙁

I can’t tell you how many lipsticks I have given away to my friends, because I’ve just BEEN concentrating on the Liquid Lipsticks! However, this is all with a VALID reason! I have found some AMAZING colours in liquid lipsticks, that I haven”t really seen in lipsticks, and when that happens, why would I leave it behind though? LOL



  • There are colours for any time of the day, season of the year, event, or occasion. 
  • Kiss Proof and in some cases, Smudge Proof too. They don’t budge (unless you’re making it your life’s mission to do so, lol).
  • They can be inexpensive too, for example (Nyx Cosmetics Lip Lingerie, Colourpop Liquid Lipsticks)
  • Long Lasting! Hours can go by without you having to re-apply!
  • They dry down Matte. Sometimes a girl just needs a matte lip okay?!!! 🙂 



  • They can be DRYING!! Goodness you have to make sure you MOISTURIZE your lips thoroughly before ever attempting to apply Liquid Lipsticks!! THIS IS NOT A DRILL!!! JUST DO IT! 
  • They can be a pain to remove! You definitely need a facial wipe, or even sometimes a cleansing oil to properly remove liquid lipsticks.
  • They can dry flakey, and make your lips looked cracked and just make you look like you’re going through all the struggles, LOL! 
  • They can be soooo pricey too! Like ridiculous, sell your kidney to get one, kind of pricey! (EG. Kylie Liquid Lipsticks, Huda Beauty, Kat Von D, Anastasia Beverley Hills).


Even with the cons, I’ve found myself REALLY loving liquid lipsticks right throughout the year…! I really just can’t get enough of them! Really want to by some more from some different brands soon! 🙂




Some of my fave Liquid Lippies are from Anastasia Beverly Hills, Nyx Cosmetics, Kat Von D, Colourpop and Stila! I find myself going for these brands ESPECIALLY when I’m looking to buy a new lippie! If you know me, you will also know that NUDE is my LANE!! I do have deeper colours, but most of my liquid lip collection is nude! Some of my faves are:


  • ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS– “Veronica” and “Ashton”. R500 a pop!


  • STILA COSMETICS– “Carmello”, “Dolce”,”Notte”, “Patina”, “Ricco”. I pretty much love all of them, and I have maybe about 10-15 from Stila! Probably my fave LL brand.


  • NYX Cosmetics LIP LINGERIE– “Embellishment”, “Beauty Mark”, “Teddy”. Another brand that I love! Around R140


  • Colourpop- “Are and Be”, “Cheap Thrills”, “Chilly Chilli”, “Tulle” and “Lax”. Around R200 a pop.


  • KAT VON D– “Bow and Arrow”, “Lolita”. R500 a pop!


What are some of your favourite liquid lipsticks? Do you love them? Hate them? Let me know!  Let me know! I’d love to try some new Liquid Lipstick brands!


Until the next one

Live in Light and Love <3