Hey Hey!


So it definitely has been a while since doing a motivational Monday post, and that is purely because, I don’t like to write these posts “for the sake of writing them”. I take the Monday Motivation posts extremely seriously, as there is nothing greater than inspiring or motivating someone to see life differently, or address issues differently, or learn something from you. Therefore, I won’t just “write” something for the fun of filling up the Monday “slot”.


“No one saves us but ourselves. No one can, and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path”.”- Buddha


The truth is, it is normally FRIGHTENING to take the route less travelled. The path hardly used. It is important though, that for your growth, you realise that some things in life, you JUST have to go at alone. I mean, if you can do the “walk of shame”after a long night, alone, then better believe there are other things you can do alone too.

It is growing.

It is maturing to understand that not everything, very issue, every moment, every feeling, every happy time, every sad time, must be shared. Sometimes the cross is yours to carry or the moment is for you to enjoy, alone. That is not a bad thing.




True. Sometime’s we all want the comfort of knowing that we can do it with someone else by your side, supporting us, comforting us, and cheering us along. The difficulty with that is, it can’t be a constant, like time. We are different, and will go through different things at different times. When you are at a time where you would like the support, but don’t get it…

You must support yourself.

You must push yourself harder.

You must comfort yourself too.


This is growth. The more you walk the paths alone, the more you become reliant on yourself, the more you become easier on yourself. You not only learn to support yourself, but you also look to YOURSELF for the answers, for the validation. From no one else.


Consider where you are, and consider what paths need to be taken alone, and which can be taken with others.

That’s your task for this week. 🙂


Until the next one,

Live in Light and Love <3