Hey Hey!!! 🙂


It feels sooooo good to be writing this blog post 🙂 I can’t tell you what a big smile I have to be back, blogging again after the two week break that I took. I needed to take a break, because I had just felt so bombarded with everything that has been going on! Work, Youtube, Blogging, while at the same time, trying to live my life.


It’s tough. Sometimes I may not let on, but it is difficult for me to maintain all of it. Sometimes I do have quiet burn outs, and often am so exhausted that when I have free time, all I want to do is rest and sleep. I told myself that I needed the time out to just be, and enjoy my time, and alleviate the ton of work that I had already put on myself.

“Almost everything will work again, if you unplug it. Including you…”


I needed to just take some time out, because as much as I want to always put out the best content for all the wonderful people that take the time out to watch my YT channel or read my blog :), sometimes I just need the break to recharge, and collect myself so that I can definitely come back to produce even better content. In that time of rest, I enjoyed extra hours of sleep, not having to record every weekend, also ALSO, eating what I wanted to eat. I wasn’t going OVERBOARD with the food one, lol, of course, but I would indulge myself in good food, wine and not feel that I had done an injustice to my body. It felt good. The discipline I have stopped me from going overboard, while at the same time, I got to thoroughly enjoy all the good things put on this world to eat! 🙂


“Let your mind and heart rest for a while.

You will catch up, the world will not stop spinning for you, but you will catch up. 

Take a rest”.



How wonderful does that french toast from Paul’s look? OMG.


The task I ask of you this week is to rest a little. As the year is winding down, we often get busy wanting to squeeze in everything before we take our final break for the year, but try to just wind down slower even during this time, unless you have no other option but to be busy. Take it easy on yourself. I know you may be hard on yourself (always looking lovingly a that slice of cake, and dying a little on the inside, lol, I get it), but sometimes you deserve yourself a piece. Its ok.


Be kind to yourself. If you aren’t, then who will be?


I’m glad to have taken the break, and soooo glad to be back! 🙂


I’ll see you in the next one! <3


Until the next one,


Live in Light and Love <3