As you know, every once in a while, I have epiphanies, (LOL), and some time to reflect. I do that best in the Taking Stock posts where I tell you guys what’s been going on at the moment, what I’m thinking, what I’m loving at the moment, and so on. This is the next installment of Taking Stock.



Making: Plans for December. A girl needs a BREAK. I’m tired, so tired. I just need to shut off for December, at the same time also wondering that it would be great to vlog in December. So basically, I’m tired, but my mind still believes that “I got this”. I don’t. I’m tired. LOL

Cooking: I wish I was. No cooking ideas. Nothing. I think my brain is honestly just fried. I’m mentally drained.


Drinking: Wine lately… Not overdoing it of course, but found some amazing wines that I just cant get enough of. “Life From Stone”, “Paul Cluver”and “Bruitenverwacthing”. LOVE THEM. I have not had a glass of red in a minute, honestly, not complaining! 

Reading: “The Blessed Girl”by Angela Makholwa. My goodness, it puts a crazy insight on the phenomenon that  has taken over young generation South African society. Designer bags, shoes, and a having a financier (or financiers helping fund your lifestyle), but everything comes at a price. I have been struggling to pick it up because I’ve been so tired lately, but I’m getting into it. I love it! 

Wanting: Quiet. I find myself being bombarded from all sides, with the pressure of having to please people without pleasing myself first. It’s beginning to upset me. It’s making me drift from people I feel are putting too much pressure on me. 

Looking: for a reason not to smash my phone into the wall. Not only does it upset me, but I feel like my whole life revolves around my phone. My family life, friends, youtube, blog, social media. I just CAN’T anymore. I need my December plans to come, and fast, I feel like I’m going out of my mind! 


Playing: Jacob Banks and Sabrina Claudio (which my sister introduced me to). OMG, “Chainsmoking”, “Mercy” by JB, you MUST have a listen! If you are a music lover “Belong to You”, “Standstill” “Frozen” by Sabrina, will stop you dead in your tracks and have you trying to catch your breath…. AMAZING.


Wasting:  valuable time procrastinating. Nothing new here.

Wishing: to escape and get away. It’s all I think about lately. I just need the break. Cannot.

Enjoying: All the warm love I’m receiving regarding my blog and my Youtube channel. I’m so grateful, and so appreciative of all this love. It fills my heart up with so much joy. Every single day. Waking up to a new comment, or someone saying thank you for inspiring them, or someone saying your hard work does not go unnoticed, makes ALL OF THIS WORTH IT. 

Waiting: For the last day of work like…!!!!!!!!! 

Liking: myself more and more each day. The last few months was rough. A breakup, weight issues, unhappy with myself, however all of that is starting to change. Feeling INTENSELY more blessed and happier. Satisfied, and content, and definitely smiling again in the love department! 🙂 

Wondering: If God is listening. Look, right now, I need Him… and my mama. 

Loving: The fact that some things are not meant to be and that’s ok. Accepting that you can’t gel with everyone is perfectly OK. I’ve looked at some relationships I have with people. Some end after a few months, some after decades, but even then, some are repaired, some are lost, and some are gained. It’s a tricky thing, this life game, however I’m honestly SO up for the ride. I love just being able to speak to one of my best friends again. I cant tell you how happy this makes my heart. <3


Hoping: For closure. 

Needing: A good cup of tea. What is my life. LOL

Smelling: My perfume. Again. Whats new. Today it’s Armani Prive Ambre Eccentrico.

Wearing: track pants (lounge wear), blue tee and house slippers.

Knowing: Everything comes to pass. Knowing that there is beauty in every beginning, every new day. Opportunities, moments that can be made, and shared. <3 

Thinking: About plans, goals for the coming year. Yes, I know I’m early, but I love to plan my steps early. It’s just basic, what do I want to do and achieve next year. Setting myself up and getting my ducks in a row kind of situation

Feeling: Tired. I’m sure I must have mentioned that a thousand times before in this blog post. LOL

Opening: A bottle of water. My water game is so strong right now. Onto 4 liters of water a day. Still going strong. Only thing I hate about it, your loo breaks are a REAL and annoying thing! FREAKING HATE IT!!! It is what it is! 

Giggling: Why though? Why would I be giggling? LOL, because I said that, now I am. 




Until the next one,


Live in Light and Love <3