Hello everyone!


I trust you are all doing well. As you know from the last blog post, I’ve been roughing it a little lately. It’s been quite tough, and often I think to myself, the only way to feel a little better, is to have myself a burger. Food provides a lot of solace for many people, suffering from many different things ie: stress, depression, eating disorders etc. Food plays a big role in this.




Now, I’m not sure whether you are familiar with me or my social media as you read this, but almost a year ago (it’ll be a year in March), I decided that I wanted to take charge of my life, by starting with eating right. A few months before that, I was definitely “going through the most” as they say, therefore it really was a tough time, and food happened to be a great companion. The difference here with this now, is that, then- I saw food as a companion, and now, food remains that, food.

The difference now is that, I do not look to food to feel better about myself, or the current situation that I’m going through.

I just merely enjoy GOOD HEALTHY FOOD and continuously find ways to re design or re create previously cooked meals, in order to keep things exciting and not boring.



The fact is, when I began, I was on a strict regimen of what I ate, how much food I ingested in one day, and how many times a day I ate. I followed that to the Tee, and it helped, tremendously! Not only was I teaching myself, what were the RIGHT foods to eat, but also, how much food was enough to take on my plate.

Now things are a little different.

My weight has stabilized and hasn’t really dropped any further since December last year. In total, in the 9 months that I was on this strict regimen, I lost a total of about almost 17,5kg’s. I’m extremely proud of this figure, and because of it, I have given myself a little break as to what I can eat and when.


  • I still do not take ANY sugar. Which I believe has played a key role in stabilizing my body I rather supplement it with honey or coconut sugar if I REALLY want a sugar fix. 
  • I still watch and control how much food I put onto my plate, I don’t really measure anymore, I often have a rough idea of how much is enough. 
  • I love salads, therefore salads remain a constant part of my food intake. I try to have greens everyday on my plate (whether lunch or dinner). 
  • I still consume LOTS of water, roughly 3-4 litres a day. 
  • I still try to stay away from sodas, cool drinks, and juices because of the high sugar content, however, every once in a while, I’ll have a cheeky coke. 
  • Of course December was a little hard on the alcohol control, but now that I’m back at work, I reserve to having a glass two or whatever I’m having, over the weekends. 




For now, I’m perfectly comfortable with where I am in terms of my eating journey. I have good days, (most days), and have days where I’m like “you know what, I want a burger and chips”, and I don’t deny myself that. As long as its once a week, at most, twice (It should only be once really, lol).


The control is still there, and so far all is well. I do want to start being a little more stricter on myself in the winter time, but for now, I’m content.

The plan now is to get myself a in home spinning bike, to tone up a bit and get the blood flowing. Due to my knee surgery, I cannot do runs and long distance walking because of the pressure it puts on the knee. So the next best thing is to cycle.


I hope this was an informative update.

If there is anything else you would like to know, or if you want a video on this topic, please comment below, or get at me on my social media 🙂


Until the next update,


Live in Light and Love <3