Ever go through a phase where you feel like your stars are just refusing to align, or, if you are a religious person like myself, no matter which affiliation you belong to, that God is not listening to your prayers?

Oh, by the way, hey…. 🙂


This Weeks Task…

This week, the plan is to remember the importance of keeping the faith. Knowing that, things are  not always going to happen in your time, but more so, in God’s time. I know, and get how frustrating it can be to feel like, things are barely moving forward, there is no progress, nothing seems to be happening the way you would like it to.

BELIEVE ME, I know this feeling all too well.


You do not only have to KEEP the faith, you must LIVE it too.

It is the CHOICE. The choice to be hopeful, to be positive. The choice to BELIEVE and have the free will to want to do so. Faith is hard. This I know. Sometimes, it is exhausting to maintain and keep the faith, especially when you feel like despite all your efforts, there is no reason to. This almost always happens when we are going through though times, and we are struggling (whether it be emotionally, physically, mentally). Faith however, needs you to stay strong in the Word. Now, if you are not religious, it does not mean you have to be when it comes to faith. You call on your higher power. You meditate. Whatever connects you to a spiritual place- do that.





I find a powerful connection to my devotionals. I do read the Bible, however not as often as I’d like to. This Daily Devotional however, sits on my bedside table, and every morning or evening, I read a spiritual reading with a insert from the Bible for that specific day. From there, I pray and get on with my day, or go to bed, dependent on the time I read it. Not only does it provide me with a daily spiritual reading with inserts from the Bible, but it also forms my spiritual thoughts for the day, based on the message from the Devotional.

These are really great if you are not much of a Bible reader, but do love to read phrases and passages from the Bible for Spiritual enlightenment and edification. These books help me a lot in terms of keeping me on track with my faith, and my relationship with God.


The task this week is to RENEW YOUR FAITH.


Renew it by finding and connecting with your spiritual side. No matter how you do that, through meditation, church, devotional, spiritual stillness, religion- the way you do it best.

Also, it is still early in the year, if you would like to, invest in a Daily Devotional, and enlighten yourself with some spiritual edification every night.


Strengthen connections, renew your faith, build your bonds. <3


Until the next one,

Have a GREAT week!

Live in Light and Love <3