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So, this blog post is a little different for my blog content, oh who am I kidding, its VERY different because this is all for the GUYS! The men, the brothers, all of you! Now, even though I know 90% of my audience on the blog is women, I know that some men do read the posts, but even with that said, maybe you just might want to buy your boo something nice, just…!! Just because its…. TUESDAY, or WEDNESDAY or FRIDAY! LOL!


So when RubyBox kindly gifted me this Manbox set of NIVEA MEN BODY DEODORIZERS, you can imagine, I already knew that this box had to be shipped off to someone who would appreciate and love it, and so I gave it over to Mr Special to give it a try.


While he did THAT, I definitely wanted to not only GET a whiff of the scents, but wanted to know what makes these particular products different from other normal deodorizers on the market. It was a point of interest because not only do you guys know that I love anything body care and skin care but I also like to read up on the benefits and what separates it from the other products on the market.




  • 4 DIFFERENT FRAGRANCES. This is great for option, as we all know men tend to be a tad picky, so this gives them all the options they want and need! The fragrances are KICK, INTENSE, ENGERY and SPRINT. 
  • OVER 500 SPRAYS PER CAN. Tried and tested, and your boo, or brother, or hubby is more than welcome to try it out too. Thats what I told him to do, count every single spray and see how far he gets, lol! This means real value for money definitely!
  • LAST 5x LONGER THAN OTHER DEO’s. Now, this is always a plus! We often forget to replenish finished deodorants, so this, DEFINITELY buys him some time!
  • ALL DAY LONG ODOUR. Now this is a tricky one, because that is the point of a deodorant right? Do they often get it right? Nope. After asking him has take, he definitely did mention that it lasts all day!
  • NO GAS!!!! The breakthrough technology with this product means a targeted application with no more wastage!
  • RETAILS FOR R44.99  Not a bad price if you considering how long it will last hey!!




So, why not spoil your boo, brother or dad, just because and get them a few cans of these! I mean, why not right??!

Personally, I recommend you give the “INTENSE” bottle a try!! (Thank me later! lol! ).

“They last. There’s still a fresh smell when I smell myself at the end of the day. The scent lasts, its not too strong that it’s overpowering. When applying it initially, it is quite strong, but it fades off almost immediately and leaves a subtle, yet long lasting scent. It does not irritate the skin at all. It’s good”.- Mr Special


So definitely do give them a try for your male friend, relative or male anything! Definitely worth it, and it works, even for the benefit us!! 🙂


Until the next one,


Live in Light and Love <3