Hello everyone!!


Now this is not a post that I do often, because I honestly REALLY don’t consider myself the most fashion forward person in the world, however, I do love trying out different items of clothing and sticking to the ones that I love. <3

The focus here is the Sleeveless Coat! Such a simple piece, but adds so much texture and changes the look of an outfit completely! I love how with these kinds of coats, you can dress them up or down, it really just depends on what you are pairing them with. Essentially.




Execution of how to wear this coat was tricky for me in the beginning and for the longest time, it sat in my wardrobe, while I figured out how I was going to do this… lol.Eventually I realized how awesome this coat is,  and what a great piece it is to “finish off a look”.

Great thing about this coat, you can wear it in summer or winter, it all just depends on HOW you wear it and what you pair in with.


Recently I was wearing it on a warm Summer’s afternoon.

Pictured here, I was wearing the coat with a white high neck body suit, black formal pants, and black heels

Coat: @River Island

White High Neck Body Suit: @Superbalist

Pants: Country Road, @ Woolworths

Shoes: @Aldo Shoes





Pictured above, this was on a cold Winter’s evening, where I wore the coat out for my birthday dinner with my close friends. I wore the coat with a black turtle neck, black jeans and black suede and leather boots.


Proves how VERSATILE this coat is! You can find them at great stores like

River Island (which is where mine is from).


Superbalist (online).




Many other clothing brands offer these coats! You just have to be on the lookout for them! They come in different designs and patterns. Some are tailored, some are flared, the material can be different too,  it just depends on your preference.


Do you own any Sleeveless coats? Your Thoughts?


Until the next one,

Live in Light and Love <3