Hello lovelies! πŸ™‚


It’s that time again, the OBB (One Brand Beauty) series seems to be one of my most loved series on the blog, and I thought, why not keep it going so that you guys get the opportunity to see what I’ve been using currently in my Beauty Bag! <3


This time around we will be looking at one of my most LOVED brands when it comes to beauty and makeup! MAC Cosmetics. This brand to me and my sister, is like, part of the family. We have been using so many MAC products over the last couple of years, that maybe 60% of all my makeup, is MAC. That is a BOLD statement to make, but people who have followed this blog for a while now, and if you watch my YouTube channel, you can attest to this.



These are currently my most used makeup items in my makeup bag at the moment! I use them EVERYDAY! I can HIGHLY recommend that you get your hands on some of these! Definitely!!



  • MAC LIPTENISTY Lipstick in “Well Bred Brown” (R300).
  • This is the perfect nude for an everyday lip! I love this lipstick! With its undeniable colour pay off, one glide of this lipstick on to your lips leaves a creamy finish on the lips that lasts a surprisingly long time! With 20 shades in the range, you are BOUND to find something designed just for you! My faves are well bred brown and smoked almond! <3



This product is a CULT favourite to anyone who is familiar with MAC Cosmetics! This foundation is perfect if you are someone who wants full coverage, matte foundation that will last all day without you even needing to touch up! It’s oil control formula also helps with the longevity of giving full coverage all day. Ever since finding my CORRECT shade (NC47, NC50 was too dark for me), I haven’t been able to put it down. Get this! Highly recommended!


Another CULT FAVOURITE among MAC lovers!! This spray is HOLY GRAIL magic for setting your makeup and making it blend into your skin, making you look flawless and not “cakey” and “patchy” like makeup sometimes does! This is a GREAT product! Hydrating too, it’s great to refresh makeup throughout the day too, making you look so radiant! Absolute love!





They do not lie when they call this “the perfect brown”. Chestnut is a constant repurchase for me from MAC, because, as someone who loves nude lip colours, a perfect brown is needed in order to make your nudes, look perfect for your skin tone! Great for lining the lips, with a great creamy soft application, and colour pay off.



Now who does not like to finish off a makeup look with a beautiful glossy lip? Especially in the warmer months? Definitely me! I have been OBSESSED with the nude MAC lip glasses ever since laying my eyes and lips on them! A little bit of a splurge for a lip gloss, but its lasting sticky (but not too sticky) formula and amazing pay off will make you see why it costs as much as it does! My favourite ones are Spite, Spice and Bittersweet. Try these and let me know what you think.




What have you triedΒ  from MAC?? Let me know!


Until the next one,

Live in Light & Love <3