“A woman who changes her hair, is about to change her life”- Coco Chanel


Hey everyone!!!


Finally, I am writing this blog post. I never thought I would at this stage, but it’s been 2 weeks, and it’s time. As you can see, OBVIOUSLY, lol, I have changed my hair. Not only CHANGED it, CUT it! All the way off, leaving a little bit on the crown. IT’s GONE! It’s ALL GONE!!

I have been silent about it on social media, because this was a HUGE step for me. Not only did I spend over a year, thinking of cutting my hair, but it’s always been an inside battle because my hair, means everything to me. My hair is my crown. In over 18 years, I had never really CUT my hair, only just trimmed the dead ends off. So this, was a BIG deal.




It started a long time ago. A little over a year, when I started toying with the idea of cutting my hair, but every single time I would talk myself out of it.

“How will I look once I cut it?”

“Will short hair suit me?”Β  “Am I ready for this?”

The answer would always lead down one road: I AM NOT READY.


One day, 3 weeks ago, I woke up, stared at my ceiling, and said to myself “This hair has to go”. Bare in mind, the was nothing really WRONG with my hair. I wasn’t one of those people who wanted to do the “big chop” and grow my hair naturally, nah fam, I couldn’t care less about that. My hair was growing just fine, looking good and healthy under my weaves/wigs. I just wanted CHANGE. I’ve been changing so many aspects of my life over the last year and some months, that I felt like I wanted a dramatic change. Yes, i started eating right and losing weight and and… but I wanted a change thatΒ  would officially rock me to my core, and change my life.





I wanted to do something the required me to be brave, something I was SCARED to do.










  • toxic relationships
  • believing societal norms that long luxurious hair is beautiful
  • what people who generally expect of me
  • normalcy
  • redundancy
  • “safe” and “comfort” zones
  • FEAR.



  • Courage
  • Change
  • Owning my Identity to be what I want it to be
  • The New


I love it. So much so that I feel like a completely different person everytime I look in the mirror. It’s new, its different, but at my core, its still me.


To new beginnings. <3


Live in Light and Love <3