Hey Loves <3


I trust you are all doing well. It has been a long time since I did a Motivational Monday post, and this one was inspired by something I read earlier in the previous week.

The quote was from Dr Steve Maraboli and it read:


“There is nothing more rare, nor more beautiful, than a woman being unapologetically herself; comfortable in her perfect imperfection. To me, that is the essence of true beauty”. 


Something about this quote, as normal and simple as it may be, stuck out to me for the rest of the week. Kept on popping out to me and I couldn’t quite understand why. Until I found myself talking to an old friend, about how life changes so drastically the older you become, that you find a sense of your true self.

I took my twenties to be the time when I would experiment with my life. Go out, have fun every weekend, live life unapologetically, have a ton of friends, and just really live it up. I took my twenties also however, as a time for me to learn my true self: what I like, what I don’t like. What makes me ME, what stands out, and what screams KATLEHO. I took my twenties to discover myself, a lot of the time re- inventing myself along the way. A challenging yet beautiful part of my life.


It is so challenging to be yourself in a world where so many people are pretending to be what they are not. The road always seems so much easier when it is something that everyone else is doing. That is where the challenge comes into this. Learning to love yourself, means being comfortable with everything about you. Now that’s a tough one right? We are never really fully HAPPY when it comes to everything about us, its not a real thing, however, thats not what you need to do. You need to be COMFORTABLE with everything about you.


Comfortable does not always have to mean HAPPY. 




Learn to accept the physical “flaws” you have. I say flaws in inverted commas because, you may see it as a flaw, to another person, that might be the most beautiful, enlightening, sexiest, magical part of you.

“Perception is everything”.


Someone I know loves my teeth. I absolutely hate them, lol, but I have learnt to accept them without having to change them. If you can’t accept something about yourself, then change it. Learn however to be comfortable with your flaws. They define you. Diamonds often come with rough edges and need a good polish to become a beautiful stone.


Are you a nerd? An awkward person with spouts of social anxiety? Do you feel comfortable wearing suspenders, colourful socks and 3/4 pants?Then thats WHO YOU ARE! Embrace it! Who is “society” to dictate to YOU what is cool and what is not, what is right and what is wrong? About YOURSELF? YOUR PERSONALITY? No. That is what makes you YOU. Embrace and harness it, rather than see it as a setback!




Know how to be alone with yourself, and actually enjoy it, instead of wanting to crawl out of your own skin! LOL. People who know how to be alone with themselves without completely hating it, as a matter of fact, LOVING it, are people who are comfortable with themselves and who they are. This is a big step in being comfortable with yourself. You should be able to spend a night alone, or a day to yourself without feeling like you are going through a crisis, or that you are bored, or that everybody hates you, or that you have no friends, lol. No. Be comfortable with just BEING in EXISTENCE.




Take this week to just spend some time learning yourself and the things that make you happy. What makes you comfortable? What do you want  to do more of? What kind of person would you like to be? Who you are is shaped by the person you want to be and how in which you deal with yourself, in loud times, and quiet ones too.


Have a great week.


Until the next one,

Live in Light and Love <3