Hey JK Family <3


It’s about that time again. The beginning of a new week, new things and new opportunities. Now you know i love posting my Monday Motivation posts, with the aim to empower, motivate and inspire. This week’s post is to create a little bit of awareness. An awareness, a rather harsh one at that, that I had to realize recently, and I want you to take note of and be vigilant to this week.


As you know, if you’ve been following this blog for quite a while now, I’m deeply connected to the relationships I build with the people that I’m close to in my life. My family, my friends. There are times, however when I feel like I prioritize the wrong people. Hear me out here. Don’t you ever get into a position where you feel like you over extend yourself for people who just wouldn’t do the same for you? Like you try to meet expectations for people that you love, try to make them happy, but if the roles were reversed, you know that person wouldn’t bother doing even half as much for you?

I’m faced with this VERY predicament in my life at  the moment, and I feel like it’s time I be aware of it, and make steadfast and stable changes to fixing it.



      One of my favourite sayings of life is “Do not make people who treat you as an option, A PRIORITY”. 


As messed up as that is, I continue, time and time again, to over extend myself for people who wouldn’t do the same for me. This, in all honesty, is just draining- a waste of your time, effort and energy in a place where it doesn’t benefit. Where it can be put in a better place, into, a better person. I don’t know, maybe old habits keep me going and trying in a place where I know I don’t matter as much, but THIS needs to change. ASAP.



Prioritizing people who are a walking contradiction. Preach one thing and do the next. It’s EXHAUSTING.



This Week’s Task.

This weeks task is to think about those you make a priority.



  • How do you act when you’re around them? How do they make you feel? 


  • How often do you make time for them? Do they make time for you? Do you move around your schedule to ensure that you make time? Do they do the same? 


  • Do they listen to you? Carefully take your feelings of dis satisfaction into consideration? Do the care? To spend time, to be with you? Do you? 


These questions are so important to ask yourself when trying to figure out whether you are a priority to someone as much as they are to you. This can be with family or friends. Making someone a priority is about a mutual exchange  of equal amounts of energy, time and moments together.




  • Take note of how often they want to see you, spend time with you- even just doing nothing. 


  • How often they call to you. For your advice, your opinion, anything. 


  • If they put in as much effort as you, into making what you have grow, blossom (do they make a conscious effort to try and suggest and meet you halfway?). 


  • Can you rely on them? 


Enough of making excuses for people who only bring 10% to a relationship you bring 90% to. Sometimes cutting someone off is the best thing you can do for yourself. Your peace of mind. Your being. It might not always be what you want to do, but for you to rest easy at night, if has to be what you MUST do.

This week, take note and be aware of those that prioritize you, and build on those relationships. Work on them. The ones who make you an option, kindly step away from. You only live one life. Live it with the people who deserve to share it with you <3 🙂

Until next time,


Live in Light and Love <3