Hey everyone!


I trust you are all doing well?? πŸ™‚

I have no complaints, just the few couple of stressful things here and there, but hey, whats new? Life is not meant to be smooth sailing is it? Anyhoo, welcome to the first edition of Keeping Up With…Wellness. I wanted to do a series of blog posts, that would keep me in check and on track when it comes to the healthy eating and healthy living life. This series, will document my current journey at the time with healthy eating, healthy living, spirituality and wellness. It’s a good and quick way to demonstrate and document how things have been going with the eating, living, and my overall mental well being.


As much as I constantly love to talk about healthy living on my social media, channel and all my platforms, I also love to remind myself of the things I am going through at the time in terms of struggles, difficulties etc. It is a more honest approach especially if you are looking into getting into healthy living and documenting that whole process for yourself. It is a way in which to show you that you are not alone. πŸ™‚ So if you want to see more blog posts from this series, definitely let me know, and comment below πŸ™‚




Β This is probably one of the biggest changes that I have ever done in my life, and also one of the most CHALLENGING! I will not lie, when I started, the drive the ambition to change my lifestyle when it came to eating, overpowered and overshadowed every fear I had in me in terms of challenges. I didn’t think about, will I be able to do it, can I do it, will I struggle? I just wanted to do it and prove to everyone and myself, that I can change the way that I eat- for the better. I did. I started off really strong in the first year. In the last two months however, the challenges have settled in. I mean, 85% of me is still a healthy eater. I has gotten to the point where my body feels it, and shows it when I’m not eating right. I will get tired, sluggish, lazy and my body will just generally feel a lot heavier.


It’s difficult however to avoid the odd glass, or two, or even sometimes on a rare occasion, three glasses of wine. Sometimes I have a sweet craving and will have a piece of chocolate. I’m not completely strict on myself anymore- but because of this, I have to discipline myself a lot harder. That is the challenge. I am managing so far, and not much has changed in terms of the way I’m eating. I’ still don’t take raw sugar, still avoid soft drinks MOST of the time. The basis of my eating, remains quite good. Let’s just now say, not everyday is a good eating day, and THAT’S OK.




Over a month ago, my good friend introduced me to two books-

“A Year of Miracles” and “Return To Love”- both by Marianne Williamson. I talk about these two books all the time on my Instagram and Twitter profiles. I share things readings of the book, inserts from the books and more. I cannot TELL you how this book has shifted my thinking game. A Year of Miracles is a daily devotional that I read every morning and evening (the same passage twice in a day), and it gears me up for the day, and winds me down in the evenings. A Return to Love I read every other evening or when I can, and it has brought me back to reminding me of how I am a child of God, and how He has created me in his image. It has also taught me that, as humans, we come from love- are a innately built with love, within us, and it forms the foundation of our interactions with one another, it comes from us, not taught. Due to this book and the devotional, I have learnt to practice being mindful of the things I say, and the things I do. Not dwelling in complaints, fears, and sorrow, but learning to practice gratitude and thankfulness. Even through the tough times. It has made me reconnect with myself and my Creator in so many more ways, faith renewed, feeling like it is the beginning of good things to come. My heart is thankful.


This was the first installment of the Keeping Up With…Wellness. Let me know if you would like to see more of these blog posts, and what are you keeping up with? Have you held yourself accountable for anything in your life? Let me know.


Until the next one,


Live in Light and Love <3