Hello dolls!! 🙂


Do I have some explaining to do for the blog? Maybe I do…. Hmmm

If you have noticed anything different, you will have noted that there has not been any content relating to the Just Katleho Blog popping up in your emails for almost a month now. This is the longest I’ve ever gone without putting up any content on my blog, except around December time, which is often when I take Blog “Break” if you will. I take that time to spend with my family and travel and so on. This time around, even though the bigger part of me knows that I don’t have to explain (I mean it is my blog at the end of the day right? lol), I was just tired. TIRED TIRED, and I had a decision to make.



I wanted to lighten my load for a little bit. If you think about it, I churn out a LOT of social media content on a weekly basis. Give or take, it looks something like this:

  • 1 or 2 Youtube videos
  • 1or 2 blog posts
  • At least 3 Instagram posts

Then there’s constantly featuring on Twitter and Facebook. Well, everything is pretty much LINKED together there. Believe it or not, that is a LOT of content to release on a weekly basis, given the fact that I have a job I go to everyday 8-5, household duties, weekends are often spent with the ones I care about or filming.

So in a nutshell, I really was just tired. I had the difficult decision to make as to which platform I’d need to take a break from for a little bit (Between my Youtube Channel and Just Katleho Blog). I opted to go with the blog, because I was struggling a little bit trying to figure out what content to get out for you guys on this platform, whereas on the channel, I had videos that were ready to go. The decision was then a relatively easy one to make. I took the time I needed to just relax and take some time.



I’m one hell of a perfectionist. This I’m not going to lie, is a good thing, and also a terrible thing because I’m meticulous about what I put on my social platforms, when, how etc. I am meticulous as to how a video looks, the quality, my setup etc. I proof read my blog posts before ever publishing and make sure the pictures are edited to my taste. It’s a lot, and takes it’s toll on me most of the time. It  is

exhausting. Hence the break I needed.






If at all this is the only social platform you follow me on, (why though?), you will have missed quite a few things.

  • Firstly, catch up on the Youtube videos. They are on my channel now. While you’re there, kindly subscribe if you haven’t. I have been consistent on there.
  • Secondly, I took a bloggers trip with some wonderful ladies at the end of May, and we had a fantastic time. I was constantly updating my social media as the trip was happening. So make sure to follow me on Instagram (click here), Twitter (click here) to be up to speed with my daily activities.
  • My Birthday also happened! The year I took to relaxing rather than having something big like last year. I just spent time with my family and loved ones.





Still not  putting much pressure on myself, regarding the blog and will gradually return into in. Last week, I spent some time drafting up some blog posts, so there is plenty content for the next coming weeks 🙂 Yep, I worked! So for now, I’m committing to ONE blog post a week (even though I know I’ll personally be aiming for two, lol), and we can take it from there. 🙂


I hope you haven’t been too sad that I’ve been gone on here. I am back now, and let’s look into getting things BACK ON TRACK!! 🙂


The next blog post will come in the next day or two! Thank you so much for following, sticking around and all your genuine support. You are appreciated so much by me <3


Until the next one,


Live in Light and Love <3