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I trust you are all doing well. 🙂 It’s been a minute since I’ve done a beauty review, and I figured that it would be a good idea to do a review on the Bobbi Brown Skin Serum Foundation, and Instant Coverage Concealer. I have been using them recently quite a bit, and thought it would be a good idea to give you my thoughts and opinions on these two products.


I’ve been the biggest fan of BB products for years now, so when a new product drops, I definitely want to get my hands on it (well, if I feel like it’ could be worth it of course). The Skin Serum Foundation is definitely a product I wanted to discss, because I’m already familiar with the product. I was however, new to the Instant Coverage Concealer. Hmmmm. Let’s talk about my thoughts regarding these two products.



Intensive Skin Serum Foundation

The Intensive Skin Serum Foundation. The name of the product is honestly one of the things the winged me in. If you think about it, if you are at all clued up with skincare, serums are often great products for the skin, for replenishing moisture into the skin, reviving the skins colour or texture and many other reasons which will keep me here all day if I get into ha ha ha! Hence, when I saw “Serum” i was definitely interested in knowing more! First thing is first, the foundation is VERY dewy! It’ll make you GLOW like a disco ball! Lol, this is a fact! It is light and gives a skin like finish to your look, without making you look like a caked up grease ball. Another side is that it smells quite nice, which may lead me to believe it is slightly perfumed with something, which might be offputting to those with sensitive skin. A little really does go a long way with this foundation, and what’s better is that it has an SPF 40, so girl you are all the way protected from the rays of the sun!


It does however have its pitfalls.

The bottle (although so incredibly beautiful to look at), is not practical at all! It comes with a dropper applicator, which really doesn’t even work as well, as a dropper/pipette. It does also settle into fine lines quite a bit, so you have to be really serious about priming your face, and powdering it down to settle it. The dewyness of the foundation also makes it easily transferable, so you must powder it down, especially if you do not want to hectically stain your clothes, shirts etc.


For me, these are cons that I can live with. For work I do like a light coverage foundation, and I can slightly tone down the dewyness with applying a setting powder once I’m done with it. The price obviously sucks because it is an expensive foundation, but a little goes a long way with this one, it will last if used correctly. Price: 845




PRICE: 1/5


Instant Coverage Concealer


Now this concealer, i definitely have a love hate relationship with. I would love to say only wonderful things about this concealer because i was so excited when it was released, to try it out, but honestly, that excitement quickly faded once I started using it. The good thing about this concealer is that it does have what it says it has in the name- COVERAGE. This concealer is THICK, and great if you want to cover up those dark marks from a long night out, stress or hyper pigmentation around your eyes or face. It covers quite well. The shade ranges in the collection are also quite good, so everyone is bound to find a shade that works for them.


On the other hand….

There are a few things I was not impressed by. The concealer in itself, is SOOO THICK. This causes serious problems when blending and trying to even it out. I suppose it you are spot concealing it would be ok, but the undereye concealing where you would need more of it, causes a problem. This causes blending it out to take much longer than you need to on a concealer. Plus it settles into the small lines around my eyes, that at the end of the day, it is so visible it looks like my skin is cracking apart, making it look cakey. Not a fan. creamy concealers should be exactly that- CREAMY, and this should make blending and setting a breeze without it changing throughout the day. Not a concealer I would repurchase unfortunately. Price: R510



QUALITY: 2/5 (was not impressed)

PRICE: 1/5 (too expensive for what it does). 



Have you used any of these products before? If so let me know what you think?


Until the next Review,


Live in Light and Love <3