Hey Lovelies,


Hey guys! I thought it was bout time that I gave you guys an honest update regarding the healthy eating and living journey. So, in March of 2016, I decided to “take charge” of my life, by changing it. I had developed very unhealthy habits, and, more especially, unhealthy eating habits with food. It was BAD, no joke, I had reached a stage where I could not go a day without eating a box of Astros. Candy and Fizzy drinks where a daily part of my diet. Due to this, my unhealthy relationship with food, showed on my body, and in how I would then feel on a daily basis.


  • SHORT BREATH- I couldn’t make it up a flight of stairs without having to take a moment to catch my breath when I got up there.
  • BAD SKIN- My skin was a some point breaking out into small textured rashes, and was so much drier than it is now.
  • WEIGHT GAIN-  Whats new? Due to all the fizzy drinks and the carbs and sugar I was the heavist I’d ever been in 2016, and now i don’t remember when last I weighed what I do now.
  • ALWAYS GETTING SICK- I would ALWAYS be sick with flu, and in and out of doctors offices when I was eating unhealthily. It was bad, my medical aid was always just maxed out!






It has now been other two years since I’ve started my healthy living with concentration mostly on healthy eating journey. In the first year, I was extremely strict in my regimen of eating healthily and making sure i was eating correctly and the good nutritious foods that are available.

  • Switched out my “beige” foods to more “green” foods
  • Cut out sugar completely
  • No more fizz drinks
  • MADE SURE to stay to a strict regimen of portion controlling my food, and eating 5 times a day, (smaller portions).



This, of course, with a lot more work, like working out which foods work best for me and my body, learning what will make me feel good and sticking to that and much more. It was tough, but also the most rewarding time, because I finally learnt what it took to make what you put into your mouth work for you, and make you feel good- feel good about your gut, and body.



In 2018 however, it has been a bit more challenging, only due to the fact that it is human nature to slip up, but also normal to allow yourself to live a normal life. I learnt that it is ok not to beat yourself up for eating a muffin (because I love them), or having a Coke every now and again (because we ALL love Coke at some point in our lives), lol. 2018 I think for me is the endurance year. The year that’ll test if I have truly made healthy living a lifestyle, or if I’m really just fooling myself.

Now, the key for me is to make conscious decisions everytime I eat. Which is definitely what i’m doing. I’m more familiar with the right foods to eat, and what time of the day etc, so it makes it easier to make smarter decisions with every meal. Don’t get me wrong, I do have myself a burger when I want it, etc etc, I just make the conscious decision not to make it a habit.




Here are things that must be a staple in your diet and home if you want to transition smoothly into this journey and stay there.


  • DRINK LOTS OF WATER. PERIOD. (I manage to do about 4litres a day, you can too).
  • CUT SUGAR, if you cant, minimize your sugar intake as much as you can. I was addicted, now I don’t take refined sugars at all anymore.
  • Substitute your beige foods for wholewheat or different alternatives:

White Pasta —–> Wholewheat pasta is better                               White Bread———> LOW GI Bread/Wholewheat                                                                        White Rice——-> Brown Rice

Incorporate foods like Quinoa into dishes aside from the usual rice etc.

  • GREEN FOODS + VEGGIES ARE YOUR FRIENDS (Spinach, Broccoli, Lettuce, Green Beans, Peppers, Pumpkin, Marrows etc).
  • Swap out your Sunflower Oil, for Coconut Oil, Vegetable Oil, Truffle oil,  healthier alternatives
  • Fruits must be your best friends too.
  • PLAY WITH YOUR FOOD.  Teach yourself new things when it comes to your food, you’ll thank yourself later.


There’s so many more pointers, but if I went on, we’d be here all day! 🙂

In the meantime my eating habits fluctuate, sometimes I’m naughty, and sometimes I behave, but I do all things in moderation, and are fully actively conscious of what goes into my mouth! You should be too 🙂


Until the next update,

Live in Light and Love <3