Hey L!!!


It is always such a schlep to get back into any routine after having taken a break from it for some time. I was away from the blog for a little bit, and I won’t lie, I needed the break, and I enjoyed it thoroughly.

This was my struggle especially with getting back into blogging.

You guys know that for me, it will always be

quality over quantity

with my content.



As awesome as that may seem right now, the fact still remains that when it is time to get into it again, you gotta do what you gotta do! 🙂


This post is on some of the tips I have developed overtime I take breaks from blogging and find it difficult to get back into it. This is what you can do to get you into the swing of things once again!



  • ROUTINE MAINTENANCE Update your BLOG and BLOG INFORMATION FIRST! This is so important! Often we forget that we need to make sure that things are updated on the blog before we begin writing, editing photos, and publishing any content on the blog! We need to make sure that the blog system software is updated, plugins are up to scratch, comments are responded to, approved or acknowledged. You need to clean all all the webs that accumulated while you were away!


  • PREPARE YOUR BLOGGING ROSTER/SCHEDULE You need to make sure that you are clear on when you will be working on your blog content and how much time you will need. Again you need to ensure that you have all the dates and times of uploading dotted down somewhere just in case you forget. PLANNING IS IMPORTANT.


  • TWEAK YOU BLOG DESIGN/WRITE DOWN WHAT YOU WANT TO CHANGE If there is anything you want to change on your blog NOW is the time to do so. In the beginning. Write down all the things that you need change, and start working on that first.


  • MAKE SURE SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNTS LINKED TO YOUR BLOG ARE STILL ACTIVE This is very important, because everything of yours online, needs to link into the other… So definitely make sure that everything social media is up to date.


Also, take your time with it. It is very important to take your time with your blog, because really there is no rush (except if you have deadlines and important things to work on FOR your blog). If not, your followers and friends will constantly support you and be patient enough to wait while you find your feet. 🙂

These are just a few of the tips that I have and I hope they help! If you are a blogger, what other tips can you add to this?! Kindly let us know and comment below! 🙂 The aim of this process, is to share yes? 🙂


Until the next one,

Live in Light and Love <3