Hey hey HEYYYYY!!!! 🙂

Ok, so let’s be honest, this

So let’s be honest! It’s THAT time of the year again! Where we are in and WITHIN the first quarter of the year, and it’s that time we talk about this! It’s March, it’s that time where we realize that the fun of December and festive is LONG gone, we are back at school, work, and all the “ALL YOU CAN EAT BECAUSE IT’S FESTIVE TIME” foolery, is now OVER!!! It’s done! The time in which you could indulge in those carbs, have that extra glass of wine (or in my case, GIN was my THANG this festive), without feeling guilty, and justifying it as “festive time”- IS NOW OVER.

We are in MARCH now… MARCH, and if you are anything like me, this time of the year is where I feel TERRIBLE. The guilt settles in, I struggle to look at myself in the mirror, I feel heavier than I really actually look, I’m just so sluggish and over it because of all the food I’ve eaten in the past months!! LOL, I even joined gym because my guilt of how crazy I went in December, got to me! Ok, honestly, I joined gym because I want to tone up, be stronger, firmer. 🙁 (The shame I feel just typing out this post! LOL). Being knee deep into 2019 is a reminder that GIRL, THAT LIFE is OVER!!! Time to get to eating right! Can I get an amen?


The challenge is STARTING. It can be such a struggle, especially when you know you have to switch your life from G&T, to green smoothies and juices, from big english breakfasts, to oats and bran flakes!! LAWWWDDD the horror! LOL, I laugh as I write this, because all I’m thinking is “THAT GIN though!!”.


Starting again can be extremely hard, so I have prepared 5 tips that I have started implementing, that you can use immediately. Let’s get into it!

  • WATER. Now this one is UNAVOIDABLE. I’m a BIG advocate of water, and that is not going to change in January. It is more important now to load up on your water intake so you can flush out the toxins from all the bad eating of the FESTIVE. If you can’t do water alone- try it with ACV (Apple Cider Vinger, or FRUIT Infused), but, DRINK IT.
  • CLEAN OUT YOUR FRIDGE AND PANTRY. You will NOT eat what is not available right? Get rid of the bad stuff. For real this will be SOOOO helpful! Get rid of the ice cream, chips, fizzy drinks, white bread. Don’t throw them away of cause, but give away to those who may need them, but just GET them OUT OF YOUR HOUSE. Replace, with fruits, water, greens, vegetables- clean foods. 🙂
  • START A FOOD DIARY. Hold yourself accountable for what you eat. So writing into a food diary WHAT you eat everyday, and what time, will hold you accountable for it. VERY important. I have recently started doing this myself and enjoying it. Seeing what you ate yesterday, and the day before is not only motivating, to do better, but also is a way to keep you in check.
  • BE PRACTICAL ABOUT YOUR PORTIONS. This is extremely important too. You lost all sense of portion control during the festive right? LOL, I may have too with some meals, now, is the time to be MINDFUL when dishing up your food. Be aware of what you are doing when dishing up, and how often- along with WHAT you are actually putting on your plate.
  • STAY AWAAAYYY FROM THE SCALE (FOR THIS MONTH). This is extremely important. Provided you are doing everything right, eating right, and being truthful about your healthy eating habits, then stepping on the scale at the END of the month, will be rewarding. However, because it is still early on, and you are getting into the swing of things- stepping onto the scale now, and not seeing much improvement can be discouraging- and right now, we don’t want that! We only want ENCOURAGEMENT!!! 🙂

So these are the things I am definitely instilling this month and going forward into 2019, along with my usual Healthy eating habits, because NOW is the time! If not now, then when??!!

Are you doing anything to help you eat right this month? Are you even going on a health kick or no? Let me know in the comments below! <3

Until the next one,

Live in Light and Love <3