Hey Everyone!

Been a minute? Yes it has! Here I am though, I can never really be gone for TOO long right. I have been fighting a social media battle within myself for a bit now, and as always, my blog suffered the biggest brunt of the whole thing. I feel the biggest attachment to my blog. I cannot lie on here, my fingers would never allow me to lie, because this has always been the space where I could be real. 🙂

Im honestly at the place in my life, where I have no room whatsoever for social media. Not only for the fact that I’m just generally just busy, and recently jumped into a new business venture, so I never really have TIME, BUTTTTT…… I’ve honestly been hating the toxicity of social media. I felt anxious, upset, inadequate every time I would go on to certain apps and it was just getting too much, so I pulled it back a little bit.

Toxicity of Social Media

Lets talk about this. What is the first thing you do in the morning when you open your eyes? Be honest to yourself. You reach for your phone. Instead of opening up a mediation app, or a prayer app, the first thing you go for, is Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Pintrest, basically…. SOCIAL MEDIA. This is already how troublesome social media is. It’s all we think about. What to post today, how to edit it, anything to make my life look swanky, fancy, or damn near fake. Seeing this ridiculousness everyday started to get to me, in more ways that one. It’s honestly become a gaslight to my anxiety as well. Gosh I cannot.

Social media has a very funny way with playing with you natural desire to always be better. Do better financially, be better physically, be prettier, slimmer, have a killer wardrobe, sexy body, money for days so you can shop all day everyday and put it on Instagram for the whole world to see… It’s just become soooo unrealistic and just exhausting for me to entertain.

I’m a YouTuber, a content creator. Yes, sure, I rely on Instagram, YT, the blog and many other platforms, to put my work “out there” for the world to see. Sure. I do not dispute this. However, I do not want to rely on these platforms to get through my day. I don’t want to panic everytime I run out of data, or I’m in an area without Wifi. I do not want to feel the pressure of constantly having to post up SOMETHING just to remain “relevant” or “consistent”. I do not need to do anything on my social media pages, to validate why I should be there, while at the same time feeling inadequate, and like I’m not doing ENOUGH.

It’s damn exhausting. So exhausting that it started to bother me a lot recently. So I started to tell myself that “No, you will only POST something when you WANT to”. Enough with having social media run your life. I don’t see why we must be so hard on ourselves that we compare what we produce to what another person produces and rate it all. It’s ridiculous. Not only does it make you feel bad about yourself, it ends up making you make decisions and observations that are honestly just ridiculous.


After this little internal meltdown with myself, I had to bring myself back to reminding myself of who TF I am. I am a GREAT person, and a great content creator (according to my standards of course), I produce excellent content for ALL my platforms and my work is not just throw something out there for the sake of views, its helpful, well thought out and worth it. So, NO, i was going to STOP the comparisons and allowing myself to be affected every time I opened up a platform belonging to me. NOPE. I reminded myself of WHY i started my blog in the first place, and my YT channel. I love it- so since when did I have the audacity to replace something that made me so happy and content, with thoughts of it being inadequate, not enough, and just meh?? How in the world do I disrespect myself and my work like that?? Tjeerrrr!

The only way to alleviate and get rid of these thoughts? Spend some time away from the very platform that caused me all this mess and just raised my anxiety for nothing. I need to take away what YT and the blog was about to EVERYONE else, and remember what it was about, TO ME. I’m still working on this, bare with me. I needed to develop a good relationship with social media, and to do that, I needed to learn on NOT to ever feel the need that I have to rely on it to feel some type of way about myself. Whether better, prettier, etc. No.

Also because of my content platforms on social media, I was open to a lot of scrutiny, horrible comments on videos, people coming for me on social media (YT), and people coming for me and my personal relationships. Yes, it happens. It’s been happening and I hardly say anything, because handling THAT, is simple enough, but it is because of social media that the platform is there for people to try you. TOXIC.

How to combat the TOXICITY

  • If something or someone or their page doesn’t make you comfortable and you don’t like the message their are giving off and how it make you feel, UNFOLLOW/UNFRIEND/BLOCK if you have to. It’s YOUR page, you should be able to see what YOU want to!
  • KEEP SCROLLING. Don’t always feel the need to like, or comment. Do NOT put so much pressure on yourself. It’s ok to just look, and keep it moving. Commenting, replying or responding might just put you in an anxious position that you needn’t get yourself into.
  • Don’t only follow PEOPLE. FOLLOW YOUR INTERESTS AS WELL. You like home decor, follow some home decor accounts. Music lover? Follow that. Traveller? Follow some travel accounts too. Change it up from time to time.
  • REMEMBER: SOCIAL MEDIA IS NOT REAL LIFE. IT’S what people WANT you to see. That in No way is a 100% projection of what their entire life is like. Learn to distinguish the two.

Be careful with social media.

Do you share the same views? If so, lets comment below and chat about it. Let me know which platforms are your least fave and why? How do you combat the social media toxicity??

Lets talk about it.

Until the next one,

Live in Light and Love <3